Open Call: Core Development Org Design Working Group

Prior Required Reading :point_right: Core Development Org Post

As mentioned in the Core Development Org Post, we will need to create the framework of the Core Development Org, which includes decision making processes, tools & services needed, and new roles/responsibilities created. Rather than take a top-down approach to the design, Org-Design workstream has decided to open the process up into a participatory design process - aka, for Core Teams, designed by Core Team Contributors.

:mega: This is an open call for any Core Team contributor who is interested in getting involved with the design of the Core Development Org.


The goal of this working group is to collaboratively design the organizational framework of the Core Development Org. It would contain the responsibilities outlined in the Core Development Org Post, as well as clarify:

  • Governance: What is the decision making process for responsibilities like onboarding, offboarding Core Teams or gathering and reviewing budgets?
  • Tools/Services: What tools and/or services are necessary to make these processes easy and low friction? What other resources do we need for Core Teams to be autonomous?
  • Roles: What kind of new roles emerge from this organizational structure? What type of person would be the best fit and how would they be incentivized?

Types of Decisions that the Core Development Org would need to make:

  • How should we decide on how to onboard and offboard Core Teams?
  • How should we support cross-team initiatives?
  • How might we coordinate and (when needed) prioritize Core Team funding proposals?
  • How we can best deliver feedback to Core Teams?


  1. A prototype of the framework by November 15, 2022. This would include a handbook of decision making process, new Org-level roles, examples of how decisions above would work, and exploration of tools and services.
  2. Create a draft of the organizational & governance processes, tools & services, and org leadership by December 5, 2022.
  3. Submit an on-chain proposal to the RadicleDAO, outlining the Core Development Organization (and request for funding) by December 16, 2022.


To ensure fair participation, all members of the working group are required to commit:

  • Minimum of one weekly meeting, 1 hour long.
  • Follow up of reading and collaborating on proposals. (~1 hr a week)
  • Meetings will start September 26th, continue until our deadline of December 2022

Working Group Governance

As we want to merge on one single framework for the organization, we will start with a Collaborative Process, where process of divergence and convergence to engage collective intelligence and arrive at shared understanding. If this process does not work for the group, we will collectively decide on a different decision making structure.

The initial Facilitator will be myself (@louie), although we welcome another Facilitator to take over.

Values (to be finalized with the group)

Aside from the organizational principles (link), this working group would start with the following values:

  • Contributors should act as Informed Stewards, transparently documenting decision making and trade-offs for Core Team contributors to see at any time and for future organizers to review.
  • Process and prototype should be clear and easy to understand.
  • Strive for low operational overhead.

:exclamation:If you are interested in getting involved, please leave a response here with your Discord handle or reach out to Louie (louiegrey#0425) via Discord.


Thank you for providing a clear starting point here. I am interested in joining the working group to help brainstorm on designing the organizational framework of the Core Development Org.

Discord: Shelb_ee#9785 :grin:

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Hey louie, would love to be involved in this myself. Iโ€™m new to Radicle but think I can bring some value here. I am a Steward at Krause House DAO and sit on the main multisig. (Not sure what the equivalent would be in Radicle.) Krause House went through a similar process to what seems to be happening here.

I was also product lead at OtoCo and part of Aragonโ€™s DAO Experts Program. Now Iโ€™m working on some web3 consulting for traditional brands.

Would love to use what I know to help out here as my time permits because Radicle is cool :slight_smile:

Discord: Dogstoevsky#0585

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