Community & Governance Update - December 2022

Hi Radicles! Here’s what we have been up to in December :dizzy::

Community Updates

  • Becca joined the team (finally!) in December and is here to whip events into shape! She’s spoken to some but not all of you and if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions etc about events and community (and also how these feed into marketing) then please let Becca know! She’s always happy to have a chat - just reach out on Discord or email (

  • Our next Contributor Offsite will be February 19th -23rd (there was a typo in a previous email, please book your departing flights for Thursday 23rd). ****Please respond to Sally’s latest planning email to let her know travel information. We’ll send round another email to ask if anyone has any key bits of content that they’d like to see discussed over the 3 days. There’s also gonna be some fun activities that we are deep into looking at - this is gonna be the best offsite so far!

  • Radicle will be at ETHDenver! Main conf 3rd - 5th March. Buidl Week 24th Feb - 2nd March.

    We’ll have a small sponsorship of the actual conference but this does not include any speaking engagements. Instead we have two workshop slots reserved for February 28th as part of Buidl week. The idea is currently to use one to focus on Governance and the other for Drips. We are currently exploring sponsorships for Schelling point and other events in Denver, updates will follow.

    If there’s anyone who’s not previously expressed an interest in coming to Denver and getting involved, please let Becca know ASAP.

Governance Updates

We have been brainstorming needed updates to governance process, coordination and tooling and have started formalizing these changes into a proposal. This includes everything from clearer proposal labeling, proposal types, improved proposal templates, clearer cycles/scheduling, changes governance calls and more. We will discuss this more in the next Governance Call on Wednesday, January 11th.

Shelby is also working on a 2022 Radicle Governance summary that should be ready to go by Friday! We will share on Discord and the Radicle Governance Twitter page when it is ready!

:seedling: Governance Proposals

  • There are currently no new governance proposals or updates to share on recently passed proposals.

:speaking_head: Discussions

:thermometer: Temperature Checks

Transition to the DAO Updates

Org Design Workstream

The December update & timeline will be up by Friday! You can find the November update & timeline for Org Design here.


  • The Core Development Org Design Working Group prepared an Operational Tooling Matrix for contributors to help answer their open questions regarding operational needs, such as contracts & payment, as we transition to the DAO. Shelby & Ange also hosted Town Halls with the each service providers to answer contributor questions. We have asked core team contributors to share feedback by Friday, January 6th on which provider they are thinking about using so we can start setting up necessary agreements.
  • Ange & Sally put together a Contributor Tax/Financial Planning Q&A to help contributors have more focused discussions with their financial advisors about elements of the transition to the DAO on their personal situations.
  • Ange organized and hosted Regulatory Overview Sessions with trusted legal council to help answer questions from contributors on all things development and DAOs.
  • The Core Development Org Working Group conducted an internal sprint for prototyping org models. We narrowed down to 3 models and had 1:1 sessions with 7 Contributors for feedback. The proposed Org structure will replace the Foundation Council’s role in funding & coordinating core development. The WG is hosting an All-Hands on Monday, January 9th at 5pm CET to present & discuss the proposed organizational design for the Core Development Org with all our contributors. Thank you to all of the contributors who took the time to participate and provide their valuable feedback!

Next Steps

  • Collect contributor feedback on service providers by Jan 6th.
  • Hosting All-hands on Monday, Jan 9th to present & discuss the proposed organizational design for the Core Development Org with all our contributors
  • Working on finalizing the draft for the CDO Proposal to be presented to the community on February 16th.

There are no new updates to share in the other workstreams from this month.

That’s all we have for this month! Stay Radicle! :seedling:

Yours truly - Shelby, Abbey & Becca