Core Development Org WG - November Update

Hello! Since announcing the launch of the working group in the end of September, we wanted to share a bird’s eye view of what we’ve been working on in these past two months. Moving forward, updates will be shorter, but more detailed:


  • Initially had interest from 9 contributors. Onboarded a total of 7 contributors, currently at 6 active contributors (@louiegrey, @abbey, @ange, @shelb_ee, @matty, @Sally) with a mix of org-design, governance, and operations background.
  • Conducted 8 weekly meetings. Agenda, call notes, and recordings available here.
  • Designed and conducted DAO Planner and workshops (led by @Matty) with each Core Team. Summary from various teams are available on this Figma. Recordings are available here.

Other insights we’ve been working on:

  • Mapping how Otterspace NFTs will integrate with the org structure (led by Distribution of Influence workstream + @Matty)
  • Tool/services and Operational support needed from Core Teams. (led by @Shelb_ee & @ange + DAO Tooling workstream)
  • Governance and (on-chain/off-chain) interactions from Orgs to Radicle DAO (led by @Shelb_ee)

Important Deliverable Deadlines (Bold-Italic to signify actions from Core Teams):

  • November 28-Dec 5th: Sprint on prototyping org models. We reached out to Core Team Contributors who expressed interest in giving feedback on potential models.
  • December 5-19th: Proposal for V2 of Core Development Org model. It will include distribution of core responsibilities currently not covered by core development work, which includes collecting, reviewing, prioritizing, and distributing budget of Core Teams, onboarding and offboarding of Core Teams, interactions with governance, and maintaining Radicle-wide vision/purpose statements and technical development philosophies. We will be requesting async feedback from all Core Team Contributors.
  • December 14th: Update on the monthly Community Call.
  • January 9, 2023: Hosting a town hall to present and walk through a complete Core Development Org proposal (before it goes to governance) to Core Teams. We will be working with Core Teams to gather budgets.
  • February 16, 2023: We are planning to submit the Core Development Org proposal to RadicleDAO governance to formalize the creation of the Core Development Org, including a total budget for all Core Teams.
  • March 16, 2023: If the proposal is approved by governance, Core Development Org should receive budgets to distribute to Core Teams.

This is an updated timeline, which pushes back the initial transition timeline by one month. The Foundation Council will request additional runway from the DAO via governance proposal (Phase 0 proposal for reference) to ensure Core Team funding is supported during the transition into a new org structure.

What we’re currently working on:

  • Sprint this week on prototyping models. We will reach out to Core Team Contributors who expressed interest in giving feedback on potential models.
  • Core Dev Org Tooling Comparison Matrix w/ DAO Tooling & Services Archive
  • Core Dev Tooling and Budget Template and accompanying Core Dev Org Tooling Town Hall
  • Contributor Tax/Financial Planning for the DAO Q&A
  • Drafting the V2 proposal of CDO org design for review from Core Teams.
  • @Abbey is working on a forum post to provide details of all Transition to the DAO workstreams and timelines.

Additional reminders:

  • #core-dev-org is channel used for coordination and discussion but open for Core Teams and contributors to join. If you’d like be added, please ping @Shelb_ee on discord to get added!