Community & Governance Update - October 2022

Hi Radicles! Here’s our update for October :sun_with_face::

Monthly Update

Here’s what we’ve gotten up to this past month:

  • Had a blast in Bogotá sponsoring Devcon & Schelling Point! Abbey & Andrew gave some talks at Schelling Point (recordings not posted yet), Abbey spoke on few panels at Devcon (Practical Pluralism, Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling), and Abbey & Shelby helped facilitate the Governance Design Jam workshop hosted by MakerDAO.

  • The Core Dev Org Working Group is facilitating DAO Planning sessions with the Core Teams this week and next.

  • Starting to plan our next Contributor Offsite for December 4th - 7th — please keep an eye on #core for destination decision by the end of the week

  • Began hiring for a Head of Marketing :tada:


:seedling: Governance Proposals

  • [Governance Proposal] Radicle Grants Program Continuation: This proposal PASSED the Snapshot poll with 4.13M RAD in favor of the proposal (see final results here). The proposal will continue the existing Grants Program with some amendments, including improving communication to grantees, optimistic funding and more explicit KPIs.

    Reminder: As this proposal did not require any on-chain actions, it did not require an on-chain vote. Therefore, the proposal is considered executed with the passing of this Snapshot poll.

  • [Phase 0] Transition to the DAO: This proposal PASSED the on-chain vote with 5.8M RAD in favor of the proposal (see final results here).

    UPDATE: The Radicle core teams have officially started to be funded via the treasury & the distribution of RAD to contributors is still planned for the end of October/early November.

:speaking_head: Discussions

:thermometer: Temperature Checks

Transition to the DAO

Org Design Workstream

  • The Org Design team recently posted Next Steps: Introducing the Org Development Org. The Core Development Org will be the entity that replaces the role of the Foundation Council in coordinating the work of Radicle’s Core Development Teams (Clients, Funding, Community & Governance, Growth). This post breaks down the elements of the RadicleDAO ecosystem and provides useful diagrams and explanations for the vision for the org structure of the DAO.
  • The Core Development Org Design Working Group has held their first few weekly meetings where they are trying to flesh out details of how the Core Development Org wants to organize itself and how it can best service the Core Dev teams. This has included hosting facilitated DAO Planner workshop sessions with core teams. If you are interested in getting involved, please respond to the linked post!
  • See [Org Design] Funding Core Teams: Principles & Criteria [v2] for the main takeaways from two open discussion sessions with Radicle contributors and community.

DAO Tooling Workstream

  • Here are the latest Updates & Next Steps for this workstream. The focus this month will continue to focus on coordinating with the Org Design Workstream to reprioritize tooling needs given their new proposed org design and the learnings from their community research. We are expecting to start receiving feedback via the DAO Planner sessions with the Core Dev Org Working Group.

Distribution of Ownership Workstream

  • The [Phase 0] Transition to the DAO proposal that was recently passed distributes 1.9M RAD among Radicle contributors who joined the project post- token launch in an effort to distribute ownership to contributors who do not yet have any allocated tokens. This distribution is planned to happen by the end of the month/early November. You can find the original Workstream post here.

Distribution of Influence Workstream

  • Otterspace has posted a Temperature Check to use their NTTs for a distribution of influence mechanism. Radicle and Otterspace have been having bi-weekly calls to start brainstorming how we could possibly use and implement the badges to test out in the near future.


  • We’re still hiring for a Comms Manager. Generally, we want to bring in some more community vibes (virtual & in-person), so please share through your networks!

That’s all for this month! Stay Radicle! :seedling: