Community & Governance Update - November 2022

Hi Radicles! Here’s our update for October :sun_with_face::

Monthly Update

Here’s what we’ve gotten up to this past month:

  • The Core Development Org Design Working Group have created a Contributor Tax/Financial Planning Q&A and an Operational Tooling Matrix for contributors to help answer their open questions regarding operational needs. This will hopefully be finalized and sent around by the end of the week.
  • We have been working on finalizing Community & Governance docs pages. Having version controlled docs for this information will be an important step towards greater transparency and record-keeping of our evolving resources and processes.
  • We had to move our next Contributor Offsite to February, 2023. Currently the dates we are working with are 19th - 23rd — please keep an eye on #core for updates.


:seedling: Governance Proposals

  • There are currently no new governance proposals or updates to share on recently passed proposals.

:speaking_head: Discussions

:thermometer: Temperature Checks

Transition to the DAO

Org Design Workstream

You can find the November update & timeline for Org Design here.

  • The Core Development Org Design Working Group has finished conducting DAO Planner sessions with Core Teams and has been working on a participator design exercise to collect feedback from contributors on what they are expecting out of the Core Dev Org. This process, for Core Teams, designed by Core Team Contributors, is meant to help us gain a clearer vision of where roles and responsibilities within the Core Dev Org will lie.
  • A design sprint with the CDO to narrow down the participatory design is taking place this week and the models that results will be shared with core contributors most likely late next week. We will graciously ask for feedback from all core contributors.

DAO Tooling Workstream

You can find the full update & timeline for DAO Tooling here.

  • Governance Tooling: We have been improving governance documentation, updating existing tooling, brainstorming possible changes to governance in the transition to the DAO, and exploring new, non-tokenized mechanisms to possibly be used for emerging governance decisions. In order to know exactly what governance tooling would work best, we first need to better understand how contributors want to work together through the work of the Core Dev Org Working Group
  • Operational Tooling: The DAO Planner sessions revealed that there were many concerns around operational needs (e.g. proof of income, contractor agreements. Ange & Shelby have been working on an Operational Tooling Matrix with information about third-party service providers that offer solutions for the range of needs within each Core team to share with core contributors. The DAO Tooling workstream will then help set up tooling town halls with providers, send around a “Operational Tooling Survey” to asses what providers contributors want to work with, and support with onboarding.

Distribution of Ownership Workstream

  • The [Phase 0] Transition to the DAO proposal that was recently passed distributes 1.9M RAD among Radicle contributors who joined the project post- token launch in an effort to distribute ownership to contributors who do not yet have any allocated tokens. Most of the vesting contracts have been deployed to core contributors.

Distribution of Influence Workstream

  • Otterspace has posted a Temperature Check to use their NTTs for a distribution of influence mechanism. bordumb has recently been getting an initial batch of badges set up to test within the Radicle Grants Program.

We are also continuing to brainstorm how tools like Otterspace badges could be used in a non-tokenized governance mechanism to better distribute influence within the Core Development Org or possibly the broader DAO.

That’s all we have for this month! Stay Radicle! :seedling: