Community & Governance Update - September 2022

Hi Radicles! Here’s our update for September :sun_with_face::

Monthly Update

Here’s what we’ve gotten up to this past month:

  • Berlin Blockchain Week - Radicle Sovereignty Workshop, merge, ETH Berlin
  • Hired a Community & Events Lead :muscle:
  • Sent out the Core Team DAO Planner - check your email!
  • We will be in Bogotá next month! :colombia: Come say hi at Devcon and Schelling Point where Radicle will be sponsoring and speaking!
  • Starting to plan our next Contributor Offsite — please take sometime to submit your availability in the #core poll


Transition to the DAO

Org Design Workstream

DAO Tooling Workstream

  • Shelby posted a new DAO Tooling update including next steps in the tooling search. She will be working closely with the Org Design Workstream to research what the most urgent tooling needs are from our contributors which will help inform further tooling research and testing.

Distribution of Ownership Workstream

  • The [Phase 0] Transition to the DAO proposal that was recently passed distributes 1.9M RAD among Radicle contributors who joined the project post- token launch in an effort to distribute ownership to contributors who do not yet have any allocated tokens. You can find the original Workstream post here.

Distribution of Influence Workstream

  • Otterspace has posted a Temperature Check to use their NTTs for a distribution of influence mechanism.
  • Otterspace is hosting an Open Call on Friday, September 30th at 4pm CET to provide space to Radicle contributors & community members to ask questions and discuss their latest proposal. Join here!


  • We’re still hiring for a Comms Manager. Generally, we want to bring in some more community vibes (virtual & in-person), so please share through your networks!

That’s all for this month! Stay Radicle! :seedling:

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