DAO Tooling Workstream: Update & Next Steps

Howdy folks! Thank you for your patience over the last weeks. Time off was great but excited to get back to work! :woman_technologist:

I wanted to provide a few updates from my pervious post (DAO Tooling Workstream: Mapping, Timeline & Further Discussion) and walk through next steps for the DAO Tooling Workstream.

Tooling Research & Implementation Update :mag_right:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the DAO Tooling Archive got an upgrade. Based on feedback and further research into each of the tools we have explored so far, I have marked most tools with a colored dot indicating the status of the tools on the list. There is a key to explain what each color means. The callouts under each tool provide a bit of context as to how the tools could be useful for Radicle in our transition to the DAO. This list is continuously updated and the status of different tools is subject to change over time.

Tool Testing Update

In my previous post, I proposed five tools to start trying out. Below are updates on each of these tools.

  • Version Controlled Governance Docs on Radicle Website: The planning for these docs hast already started and we are expecting to start getting the scaffolding for them set up by the end of the month. Goal is to have them live mid-October.
  • Boardroom: Radicle’s Boardroom profile has been a helpful platform to keep track of and vote on all open off- and on-chain votes in one place. The calendar tracking on their platform has also been helpful to keep folks up to date on when proposal votes are happening. I plan to collect more detailed feedback from community members over the coming weeks to see if it is something we want to continue refer folks to for voting or if another alternative might be better.
  • Common Ground: I have set up profile for Radicle (mirror of Discord). Invited a few core contributors to play around, but has been hard to test as primary discussions still happening on Discord. Need more feedback from contributors before moving forward
  • DaoLens: I have delayed setting this up until there is further discussion around on/off-boarding on new members to teams within the DAO should be up to each team or if there should be some DAO-wide coordinated platform for on/off-boarding new community members. I still believe it could be a useful tool for a DAO-wide onboarding solution given it’s highly customizable paths and gating features.
  • Otterspace: The team has already executed the first milestone of their grant proposal to create soulbound, non-transferable tokens and has posted a new proposal to move forward with implementation of these tokens for Radicle’s use.

DAO Tooling Workstream Next Steps :soon:

The main priority over the coming weeks will be to coordinate with the Org Design Workstream to explore and reprioritize tool needs based on their community research and newly proposed org design structure. I highly recommend you have a read if you have not already!

We will also rely on guidance from the Funding Core Teams: Principle & Criteria v2 post, a collection of contributor feedback & consensus taken from two open discussion sessions on technical & operating principles with Radicle contributors and community.

Expected Areas of Focus:

The topics listed below are some expected tooling focus areas based on research from the Org Design Workstream and discussions with contributors. The feedback we hope to collect in the core team planning survey that will be sent around within the coming days will give us a more detailed understanding of tooling and organizneeds

All other categories of DAO tooling will also continue to be explored, but focus will be on the following based on their priority/urgency in regards to the timeline of the DAO transition (as seen at the bottom of this post).

  • Governance Tooling

    • How do we feel about existing and newly proposed governance tools? What is working and what is still missing?
    • How will the proposed org design structure change governance process & tooling needs?
  • Communication & Coordination

    • Based on guiding principles from the Org Design Workstream’s community research, what are the best communication & coordination tools we can use that will align with these values?
    • How can we best facilitate cross-team coordination in the proposed org design structure?
    • What will collective responsibility for holding each other accountable look like in the proposed org design structure and what tools could help here?
  • Reputation

    • How do we want to measure contributor contributions? (quantitative vs qualitative metrics)
    • What exactly does the DAO or do different teams want to use reputation metrics for?
    • How will reputation be rewarded? (See Otterspace proposal - any other rewards/incentive mechanisms worth exploring?)
  • HR/Payroll/Contracts

    • As explained in this Discord discussion, the DAO will not have legal wrapper to provide contracts or payroll. How each core team wants to handle contracts & payroll for contributors will be up to them based on the needs of contributors in their respective jurisdictions. We will still try to provide an extensive list of tooling options for teams to reference and choose from if they would like.

Community call to action: things you can do to help! :heart_hands:

  1. Share feedback to any of the DAO tools we are currently using or testing in the :hammer_and_wrench:dao-tooling-workstream channel on Discord.
  2. Continue to share any cool DAO tools you come across in the #daotooling Discord channel and I can set up a community demo with them.
  3. Continue to read and respond to the other workstreams (Org Design, Distribution of Influence, Distribution of Ownership). This will ultimately help determine what DAO tools we will end up using.

:eyes: I will keep everyone update on developments and future DAO tooling demos in the :hammer_and_wrench:dao-tooling-workstream channel on Discord!