[Org Design] Funding Core Teams: Principles & Criteria [v2]

Funding Core Teams: Principles & Criteria [v2]

After two open discussion sessions with Radicle contributors and community (thanks to those who participated!) we’d like to share the next iteration of the Technical & Organizational principles! These edits are based on contributor feedback & consensus taken from the discussion sessions. The original posts can be found in Part 1 and Part 2.

We’re proposing that these be adopted by the emerging Core Development Org (introduced here) as a shared set of principles to guide the work and coordination of Core Teams.

Technical Principles

  • Free and open source — We build free software because we respect user’s essential freedoms: the freedom to run it, to study and change it, and to redistribute copies with or without changes.
  • Censorship-resistant — We build software that is technically, socially, and politically resilient.
  • Permissionless — We build software that anyone has the freedom to use to collaborate with others. No single party can prevent anyone from accessing it.
  • Extensible & Protocol-First — We build extensible, interoperable, modular software because it makes us a better citizen of the Internet. :saluting_face:
  • Easy-to-use — We build easy-to-use software because we believe making decentralized technology user-friendly is necessary to ensure it can compete with centralized alternatives.
  • Trust-minimized — We build software that has no single point of failure and we minimize or eliminate our software’s reliance on trusted third parties.
  • Local-first — We believe local-first architectures lead to a better user experience.
  • Social-centric — We build social-centric software so you can choose what you see, choose what you block, and choose who you can trust.

Organizational Principles

  1. Autonomy — We enable as much individual and team autonomy as possible to enable them to build faster and work more smoothly.
  2. Trust — We optimistically trust contributors to do the right thing to enable them to build faster and work more smoothly.
  3. Collective responsibility — We are responsible for holding each other accountable rather than relying on a hierarchy.
  4. Open-Source — We are open and transparent where appropriate.
  5. Evolutionary — We encourage experimentation with adaptability in mind.

:mega: CALL TO ACTION: If you haven’t had time to provide feedback/comments on the Principles, please take the next week to do so. We won’t be hosting another live discussion unless the desire is expressed to have one. These principles can be formally adopted by the Core Development Org once it forms.


Following up here to clarify if these were adopted or where we are on this. @abbey @lftherios @shelb_ee Is this work now in the hands of Apiary?

I believe these are adopted. I don’t see any reason to start from scratch.

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These are informally adopted (at least on the Core Development Org level): It will move forward together with the CDO Proposal if there is no additional revisions/ blocks.