[30.3.22] Community & Governance Team Update

Hi everyone :wave: Here’s the Community & Governance monthly update!

First, I realized we never really announced the formation of the Community & Governance Core Team. Over the last year, we’ve been restructuring the Community team into new Core Teams (e.g. Marketing and Growth) and scoping its objectives to include priority governance work related to the RadicleDAO.

We consider this the natural evolution of the Governance Working Group, a community-led initiative formed to activate Radicle governance (see update post below):


@abbey, @shelb_ee, @bordumb (grants)


Here are some of our objectives for 2022:

  • Maintain project-wide communication channels to ensure accessibility, transparency, and clarity on core team development.
    • Clean up Discord & Discourse channels
    • Hire social media coordinator to support with day-to-day social activity
    • Create public resource hub for the Radicle project
  • Improve on Radicle governance processes & infrastructure to ensure healthy & active community participation
    • Establish a community delegates program and a process for onboarding, recognizing, and publicizing delegates.
    • Create public resources for governance participants (e.g. development resources for proposals, educational materials, and guides for participation)
    • Steward & coordinate Radicle governance process
  • Actively support development of the Radicle community
    • Release new Discord roles & contributor journeys
    • Plan (1-2 in-person, 3-4 virtual) meetings/get-togethers for Radicle community contributors
    • Coordinate Radicle community presence at events & conferences
    • Audit community channels & implement improvements to keep them healthy, clean, and up-to-date
  • Structure a vision for the future of Radicle governance & initialize our transition to the DAO
    • Outline requirements and set timeline/goals for our “DAO transition”
    • Design a social & operational structure for the RadicleDAO

Monthly Update

Here’s what we’ve gotten up to this past month:

  • Announced our transition to the RadicleDAO and corresponding workstreams

    The Next Phase of the RadicleDAO

  • Began coordinating a contributor offsite & event sponsorships at Devconnect (Amsterdam) in April (18th-25th). Also, coordinated a Berlin contributor gathering :wine_glass:

    :wave: If you’re a Radicle community member and planning on being in Amsterdam, let us know! We’re planning some fun activities :partying_face:

  • Moved two proposals through on-chain governance (they passed! :tada:):

    [7] Radicle Ecosystem Growth Fund [EGF] - Start Funding
    [8] Set name registration fee to zero

  • Held 1:1 meetings with all Radicle contributors to discuss governance participation and pain points (learnings coming soon!)

  • Launched the Radicle Governance Newsletter for sharing governance updates with the community. Subscribe here!

  • Conducted re-delegation with numerous $RAD token holders (mainly investors)

  • Ran an Ecosystem Round in Gitcoin Grants Round 13 (see below). We’re distributing $25k to Gitcoin grantees to use drips.network to split funds with other grantees.