Growth CU February 2022 Community Update

Hi Everyone.

The Growth Core Unit (GCU) is a newly setup team, which is currently made up of Isiah, Matt, and Nassar. Our focused and current objectives can be found here. I wanted to drop a short monthly update from the growth team on progress and next steps.

Progress this month

  • Team - This was the first month for both Isiah and Matt. Isiah has joined as a growth lead with an initial focus on helping Drips gain a foothold with Music creators. Matt has joined as a technical lead on the growth team in order to help communicate technical requirements back to our core teams and capabilities to partners.
  • EGF (Ecosystem Growth Fund) - We worked to get the Ecosystem growth fund through the governance process. It has now received sufficient snapshot votes and just needs the final on chain governance step before being ready to deploy. A draft of the strategy for deployment is being formulated and will then be reviewed and developed further by the committee on launch.
  • ETHDenver - We had a very productive few days at the conference, using it as an opportunity for the growth team to meet in person for the first time. We also spent time with a number of other core team members with a fair bit of the focus being on bottoming out usecases for Drips. Our team met with a number of creators and potential integrating partners with plans for carrying forward a few collaborations that we hope will provide us with our first few examples of scalable usecases.
  • Drips - We’ve started getting our heads around the protocol, what it’s good at, optimal initial usecases, and have a list of questions on possible changes that Matt is working through with the Drips team. Our initial focus is on two segments DAO tooling and Web3 Music - we are using these two segments as they represent two different ways of using the Drips protocol and product. This allows us to be relatively focused in our onboarding efforts. If we can build our product and protocol strategy to fit both then we should be able to extent out to other verticals with ease.
  • Radicle code collab - We were fortunate in our conversations with bankless DAO as they decided they wanted to push for decentralisation and act as an example for other DAOs in their use of a pure web3 stack. They wanted tooling that allowed them to have self sovereign hosting of the code for the DAO’s website with automated deployment via fleek from there. Matt has been working with them to workout how we can get this flow working as a first step in our tool being useable. The newly launched CLI is already helping make this easier.

Next up

  • Drips - we will be aiming to get clarity on our sales material for web3 music (creator economy) and DAO tooling. We need to bottom out a few viable usecase examples that can be repeated on both the product and protocol sides. We hope to pin down these first few examples over the next month or so with a technical feasibility assessment being a key part of the puzzle. Our integration discussions in both creator economy and DAO tooling will be moving forward, but are dependent on an audit and partner requirements being met.
  • Radicle - We’ve been getting feedback from partners since the launch of the CLI. The ecosystem is excited about having something that is so useable and begins to demonstrate how the self sovereign stack will look. The growth team will be working with a few DevRel individuals to help grow exposure amongst developers in web3. We will also continue working with alt-clients and upstream teams to feedback into the roadmap as we work to have an offering we’re all comfortable pushing out to both DAOs and platforms that want to build on our protocols and data in our network.
  • EGF - We will begin deployment of the Ecosystem Growth Fund with aim to use it to tap into the potential of our community and ecosystem that is eager to contribute and help us grow.
  • Hiring - Continuing the search for one more growth lead. They will likely take lead on the radicle code collab side of things.

Peace :v: :seedling::droplet: