[8] Set name registration fee to zero

:seedling: The Name Registration Fee on-chain proposal is now live for voting. To vote, head to gov.radicle.network. Voting ends at on March 25, 2022, 7:13 AM GMT+1. For help with delegation and voting, please refer to the Radicle Governance Hub.

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I plan to vote in favor of this proposal as I think it will remove an unnecessary barrier to growing Radicle adoption by making it easier (&free!) to register a an on-chain identity.

You can delegate to my address (0x14E94aaCa7eBad882516eb969a7B67787a860B64) on Sybil until 12:00PM CET Thursday, March 24th if you are looking for an active community delegate to delegate to! :dizzy:

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I will also be voting in favour of the removal. This is a clear hurdle in the user onboarding journey.

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I’ll also be voting in favor of this proposal. I believe it will help steward adoption of Radicle names - an important step to making Radicle a standard for sovereign developer identities!

:classical_building: GOVERNANCE PROPOSAL RESULT :classical_building:

The on-chain vote for removing the name registration fee proposal has SUCCEEDED and received unanimous support. See the final results here .