[7] Radicle Ecosystem Growth Fund [EGF] - Start Funding

:seedling: The Radicle Ecosystem Growth Fund on-chain proposal is now live for voting. To vote, head to gov.radicle.network. Voting ends at on March 18, 2022, 5:54 AM GMT+1. For help with delegation and voting, please refer to the Radicle Governance Hub.

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I’ve voted :sparkles:in support :sparkles:of this proposal. As I’ve mentioned in previous forum discussions, I think experimenting with funding “squads” in the Radicle ecosystem and giving them agency to deploy the capital on their own terms into the ecosystem is a really great practice. The EGF will be the perfect opportunity to identify best practices for operating community-run Treasury-funded initiatives and reflect on how we can scale these experiments to manage larger amounts of funds deployed by more independent entities. I have full trust that @nas is going to knock it out of the park and I’m really impressed with the team he’s formed around him to take this on :mechanical_arm:

Things I’ll be looking for at the end of the 6 months:

  • An overview on what was funded
  • A reflection on perceived impact of funded initiatives
  • An honest evaluation of what worked and what didn’t
  • Feedback from committee members and funded contributors on how the process was managed

Let’s do this!

I am afraid I will be abstaining from voting on this one. I am neither opposed, nor in favour, simply because I don’t know the content of the proposal and I am unfortunately entirely lacking the time to review it. It has been pending on my todo list, but… life happened. :expressionless:

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:classical_building: GOVERNANCE PROPOSAL RESULT :classical_building:

The on-chain vote for the Radicle Ecosystem Growth Fund received unanimous support but failed to reach the participation threshold required to pass. See the final results here.

Next steps for this proposal coming soon.

:classical_building: GOVERNANCE PROPOSAL UPDATE :classical_building:

We have republished this proposal on Sybil. The proposal received unanimous support in the first vote, however it failed to meet the required participation threshold to move forward. We have addressed the issue with the community and hope it will meet participation requirements this time around.

Voting will be open until 6:30AM CET on Friday, March 25th. Please vote here!!!

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I again plan to vote in favor of this proposal! You can delegate to my address (0x14E94aaCa7eBad882516eb969a7B67787a860B64) on Sybil until 12:00PM CET Thursday, March 24th if you are looking for an active community delegate to delegate to! :dizzy:

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:classical_building: GOVERNANCE PROPOSAL RESULT :classical_building:

The second on-chain vote for the Radicle Ecosystem Growth Fund has SUCCEEDED and received unanimous support. See the final results here .