Marketing at Radicle

Hi everyone. My name’s Thom and I’ve just joined the Radicle community to help drive a number of marketing topics. I’ll be working ~1/day a week, mostly async. (Short intro to me at the end).

I wanted to share a high level outline for the work I plan to be doing over the next months to kick things off. This outline is based on first couple of discussions with Ele & Abbey and I’m sure will evolve over time, especially part 3. My first step will be to meet more folk and dig into a lot of background reading & documentation. After that, here’s the plan.

1. What is the role of Marketing for Radicle?

  • Define and align on a set of core Marketing Principles that’ll guide everything else
  • Explore what the Organisational model should look like (decentralised vs. centralised vs. in-house agency model)
  • What fundamental marketing capabilities are needed to be successful?

2. Audit

  • Channel evaluation: Performance & maturity of existing channels
  • Channel evaluation: New channels to be developed
  • Brand & messaging
  • Product marketing & release planning

3. Strategy & Plan

  • A 2022 Marketing Strategy for how to drive broad awareness & adoption for Radicle amongst DevDAO audience
  • Resourcing - identify key roles and, where appropriate, start hiring

I’ll start detailed discussions on these topics (where appropriate) in due time to gather input. This post is mostly as an introduction… but if you have any specific thoughts or expectations for Marketing at Radicle, anything I’ve left off this list that you think should be included, or just want to say hi… then go for it - here or over on Discord. :seedling:

For info: A bit of background about me

I’ve been in tech marketing for over a decade with venture-backed companies (SoundCloud, Grover, Pitch). I’m generally the first marketing hire, building out a team, go-to-market strategy, and contributing to those first waves of growth. (Bios for LinkedIn & Twitter, although don’t expect much action on either). I’ve worked closely with a few of the Radicle folk before (@lftherios at SoundCloud, @brandonhaslegs at Grover :wave:).

I consider myself a “responsible” marketer - that means substance to back up any style, values over vanity, and generally doing things in an authentic, sustainable way. Compared to a lot of you, I’m relatively late to the world of web3 but I’m a fast learner and looking forward to contributing to the project.


great to have you here @thom :seedling:

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Hell yes Thom, so excited you’re here.

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Welcome, @thom! Glad to have you :slight_smile:

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wooooo welcome Thom! :wave: very excited to have you here!

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Welcome @thom - great to have you onboard.

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Welcome @thom! Excited to have you here!

great to have you here @thom, particularly interested in your learnings re point 1, bullet 2 and what the most effective organisational model is going to be for marketing a project like radicle