Radworks Financial Reporting for May 2023

Hi Community,

First, I would just like to take a moment to introduce myself! I am Yuval and I recently started working for the Radicle Foundation to support its work in bringing more financial transparency to the RadicleDAO.

As promised as part of the Radicle Foundation’s proposal (which passed in March 2023), I’m providing the first financial report which covers how the Foundation, Radicle, Drips, and Grants Orgs are spending funds they receive from the RadicleDAO. This inaugural report largely focuses on expenses paid for during the month of May.

You can view the report [here]

We expect to continue issuing these reports monthly - and to improve on them so that they will provide more value to the Orgs and the broader community.

Highlighted Contents and Notes for the Report:

  • Slide 2 shows the big picture spend of Radworks for the month of May, across all Orgs.

  • Slide 3 provides a breakdown of the expenses the Foundation Org covered in May. This includes the Governance, Marketing and Ops Committee expenses. The Ops Committee spend includes legal & software expenses. The Foundation Org also, as agreed, covered the expenses for Radicle & Drips teams in the first half of the month (before the Drips and Radicle Org entities were able to onboard contributors).

  • Slide 6 & 8 show the Drips & Radicle Orgs expenses split between the first and second half of May.

  • Slides 5,7 & 9 show the Foundation Org, Drips Org & Radicle Org’s current spend against their 2023 budgets.

  • Slide 10 shows the Grants Org’s outgoing funds per month.