Foundation Org - Q2 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

  • Announcing Radworks on July 10th :sparkles:

  • Heading to EthCC on July 14th for the week :fr:

  • HEADS UP: RadicleDAO Discord reorg coming this week :hammer_and_wrench:

Quarterly Progress Updates


The Marketing Committee is in the early establishment stage, with a focus on building out a small team with specialized functions & roles and a system that ties them together to create impact, as well as executing against our Q2 priorities below.

Q2 Priorities & Updates:

  • Create & gain buy-in for comprehensive marketing strategy, including new brand hierarchy and ecosystem approach, positioning & core messaging, and guiding strategies for Drips and Radicle orgs

  • Set up marketing distribution channels to leverage for DAO-wide and Org-specific marketing campaigns

    • Launching next week as part of Radworks brand evolution!
  • Formulate new brand & messaging framework for RadicleDAO based on its formalized purpose, vision, and mission including coordinating and launching proposed brand evolution

    • Launching next week as part of Radworks brand evolution!
  • Coordinate in-person and online events/sponsorships for Radworks, Drips & Radicle orgs, with a focus on planning & preparing for our presence at EthCC in mid-July

    • Planning very much in the works, see many of you in Paris!


  • Facilitate proposal cycles and enforce governance process (e.g. proposal templates, voting deadlines, etc…)

    • Successfully completed our first monthly voting cycle in April
    • Passed all Org proposals & supported standing up Radicle & Drips Org.
  • Develop and maintain RadicleDAO documentation & maintain and manage RadicleDAO-wide communication channels:

    • Support marketing team with brand evolution + develop & improve governance documentation & resources
    • Creation of DAO-wide community & governance documentation (what we are, what drives us, our history/timeline, how governance works/what it is used for & more)
      • Helped steward DAO-wide purpose statement creation and have developed ratification & co-signing mechanism for community members to show support
    • Coordinated Discord & Discourse reorganization
  • Coordinate community-driven work and support development of RadicleDAO proposals around current priority governance initiatives:

    • Mapped out governance goals & initiatives for next 2 years with Apiary team, condensed them down into specific deliverables on a distinct timeline


Timeline & Budget Update

  • Spending is on track. The Foundation Org had the highest spend of all the Orgs this month because we were still paying out Radicle & Drips contracts for the first half of the month. Ops had unforseen spend on additional trademark filings and legal work for transitioning Radicle and Drips out of the Foundation. Check out the financial report for more details.
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