[Feedback Requested] Monthly Reports

Hi all

Sal here with my Ops Lead hat on - wanting to get some feedback on the monthly reporting that the team (especially @Yuvalis) has been doing for the last year or so.

Examples of the reports are here:

  1. March 2024
  2. December 2023
  3. May 2023

These public reports are for the Radworks community. Internally, the Orgs have more detailed financial reports to help with planning and cashflow.

The primary purpose of these public reports has been to provide the Radworks community with transparency on how each Org is spending their allocated funds - and, therefore, how Radworks functions.

The secondary purpose is to provide token holders with the information they need to make a voting decision. That is the reason the reports are the same format - to make easy comparisons from Org to Org.

In order to understand the time the Orgs should continue to put into these reports - balancing the operational overhead with the provision of a helpful resource to the community - the feedback I’m looking for is around the following:

  • Do you look at and absorb the reports?
  • Is the information interesting and useful to you?
  • Even if your answer is “no” to the above, do you think they provide important documentation?
  • Is the frequency too much? Could we drop this to every quarter instead?
  • Do you have any further thoughts or comments?

In my opinion, this monthly reporting is relatively onerous given the few (and dwindling) number of viewers. So, I would suggest limiting the reporting to quarterly (aligning with the Quarterly Community Calls) if it still provides the community with a useful amount of transparency. If we did this, how would you feel?

Thank you in advance for your input!


Here’s looking at you - @lftherios, @cloudhead, @yorgos, @shelb_ee, @wendy, @Yuvalis, @bordumb!

Thanks for this Sal. I have no strong feeling either way over monthly vs quarterly.

I think the feedback and answers to your questions from others, as the main audience of the reports, is important and can help us work to a reporting cadence that’s useful for all.

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Hey Sal! Thanks for this! My responses to your questions below:

  • I do look at these reports actually and find them useful to keep track of spending over time. Really appreciate the work @Yuvalis puts into these!

  • As the number of Orgs and expenses continue to grow, I believe this information will become even more important resources for token holders & governance participants to use to make informed decisions on whether to fund existing & new Orgs.

  • I firmly believe that the transparent documentation of this information is really important. It is not only useful for folks within the Radworks community, but it gives the DAO credibility in the broader ecosystem by showing our committment to transparency and providing useful resources to token holders to help make informed decisions. We have actually received kudos from other DAOs for us doing this, as not many do.

  • Whereas I enjoy the monthly updates, I think it would be fine to drop this down to quarterly reports. They could maybe align with the quarterly Community Calls?
  • The powerpoints are great, but I wonder if it would be more effective if @Yuvalis would just post the images into a forum post so folks don’t have to click through as many links to see the data?

  • This is maybe a separate discussion/initiative, but I think it would be extremely helpful to see some more reporting on general runway (maybe annually?) of the treasury considering existing and future expected annual Org spending. Especially since we have seen an increase in Orgs this year, it would be helpful to know how this impacts the general runways of liquid assets in the treasury. I know there are some important considerations and complications with discussing this publicly, but this would actually be super helpful for the community to inform decisions on funding Orgs and other initiatives, as well as to inform how and when important treasury management initiatives need to be explored and activated to extend runway.


Hey @sllyllyd :wave:

I largely agree with @shelb_ee 's points.
The information is both interesting and helpful for me and I appreciate the transparency this brings.

In addition, I would +1 moving to quarterly over monthly.


Hello everyone!

Wanted to share my thoughts after people have had time to add their feedback first. And thank you to @shelb_ee and @yorgos for your commentary, I am happy to hear this information is helpful.

Generally speaking I do think monthly cadence is helpful for tracking expenses, as it can be harder to adjust spend if needed at the end of a quarter versus at the end of one month. However, if this is mostly being used for transparent data, I think it is fine to move to a quarterly cadence.

@shelb_ee - I have noted your suggestion to post images rather than a link to the presentation and plan to implement it for this upcoming April report, thank you for that.

Regarding the runway reporting, I do believe that is a larger conversation but an interesting point.

Looking forward to hearing more feedback come in!

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