Temperature Check: Shall RAD join the forces to create a Balancer Public Goods Pool?

Hi there. I am Simone, member of Giveth DAO. I am reaching out to temperature check the potential interest of Radicle DAO in participating in the creation of a “Public Goods” pool on Balancer.

Several public good DAOs have expressed interest in participating in a shared liquidity pool on Balancer.
Details of pool weights and participants are fluid, but with support of this proposal, Giveth is reaching out to potential partners to solidify this idea.

Some of the DAOs we are considering for this initiative are: ·
· Balancer (BAL)
· DappNode (NODE)
· Optimism (OP)
· Ethereum Naming Service (ENS)
· Aragon (ANT)
· Bankless (BANK)
· Gnosis (GNO)

Rad community is welcome to suggest other DAOs that could fit a Public Goods pool.

Proposal Rationale

DAO-2-DAO token swaps are an excellent way to align like-minded DAOs while simultaneously generating sustainable liquidity. While 1-to-1 token swaps are a powerful tool, Balancers extension of the x*y=k model allows for up to 8 tokens in a single pool.

As Kirill Naumov notes in his article Back to the Basics, Balancer “can also be thought of as an index protocol, where the token weightings are set to specific percentages of a pool and arbitrageurs ensure that weighting is maintained”

Some more context about the initiative can be found in our forum:

Could Radicle DAO be interested in allocating a share of its treasury to fund this Balancer Public Goods Pool ?


Want to bump this! We at Giveth would love to team up with Radicle, let’s make this happen :rocket:

Yeah! This would be awesome. I would like to see more DAO2DAO collab between DAOs that care about public goods.

I love Radicle’s values, especially in these uncertain times regarding censorship. I love Giveth’s mission to give an upside for funding public goods and turning non-profits into sustainable microeconomics. I can see these and other DAOs riping up great benefits from this, namely:

  • Cementing partnerships.

  • Getting DAO-owned deep liquidity.

  • Perpetually accrued swap fees.

Hey @Simone_Giveth! Thanks for the post! We will be chatting about it during our monthly governance call tomorrow at 17:00 CET. Would you or someone else be available to say a few words about it for our community on the call? If not, no worries.

Also apologies for the slow reply here in any case. We are in the midst of figuring out a longer-term treasury strategy (including token swaps, liquidity pools, etc.). This is also something we will briefly discuss on the call tomorrow as well.