[Discussion] Marketing Roadmap 2022


Following on from my previous posts outlining the plan to kickstart marketing and org design, I thought it timely to share an update with the proposed roadmap for the rest of this year. While some foundational topics are still in development, I recognise that there is a growing interest in what’s planned, not least from a growing number of contributors to the marketing org.

This post outlines the areas of investment and specific initiatives for Marketing at Radicle for the rest of 2022. In some cases this will contextualise things that are already happening whilst in others it will introduce new ideas.

Primary Objective

Create awareness and understanding of Radicle products/protocols with existing and potential users, and the broader market.

Marketing Goals 2022

  1. Significantly improve Radicle’s brand recognition and industry positioning as a fundamental piece of web3 infrastructure.
  2. Create marketing funnels that build from first touchpoint through to product adoption
  3. Connect a growing base of marketing contributors and establish processes and execution velocity

1. Brand & Positioning

1. Refine/define brand architecture :point_down:

2. Content Marketing

Key area of investment (maybe the major area of focus) is to significantly step up content production (e.g. blog posts, podcast, research reports etc…) to educate, explore, and entertain about Radicle’s protocols, purpose, and community.

Read more about the WIP Content Strategy approach here - feedback & ideas always welcomed.

3. PR

Aiming to bring on a PR agency to help support with refining messaging and driving awareness for the project through media exposure (specifically, articles in top tier (crypto & tech) press, exposure to speaking opportunities, campaign building, newsjacking, content distribution). It may be, that we are best served doing this in-house at this stage, but decision will be taken once all proposals are in.

4. Brand campaigns

Fun, creative, weird stuff with the brand. This one is, as yet, somewhat undefined but it felt irresponsible not to include it… (Taking inspiration from things like rad.lol and our own /brand page.

2. Funnel Creation

1. Product Marketing

Tell the story of the product/protocol more and ensure we’re communicating effectively from the high level positioning of the product through to more in-depth feature updates

Early roadmap thoughts here ⇒ Product Marketing @ Radicle

2. Build demand generation channels

When the time is right (i.e. when the product can support it and the brand messaging is established), we would look at how to develop some key new channels for driving new users direct to Radicle. For example, we could build upon what is already happening with event sponsorship, or extend that to new channels such as newsletter/podcast sponsorships.

3. Optimise user flows

Work with Growth team to map and optimise the flows of users from first touch point through to website, and eventual usage.

3. Marketing team processes

1. Comms

  • Regular bi-weekly meetings :white_check_mark:
  • Monthly community updates :soon:
  • Marketing calendar established :white_check_mark:

2. Execution velocity

  • Create some internal targets for production

3. Reporting

  • Create first marketing dashboards for visibility into performance (website, social etc.)

4. Processes

  • Marketing contributor onboarding guide :soon:
  • Documentation for how certain channels are run

5. Build strong connections to other teams

  • Collab on how social channels are run with Community
  • Alignment framework for sponsorships & events (e.g. Marketing Investments Model)
  • Connect with product teams to tell more product stories (see 2.1 :point_up:)
  • Work with Growth team on telling more success stories from the platform & partnerships

Contributors Wanted!

Now we’re adopting a flexible model for marketing with part-time contributors taking on certain channels or projects, we need more hands on deck. This is where you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: can help… (and where @nas has already helped out greatly!).

:white_check_mark: Video creator
:white_check_mark: Product marketer
:white_check_mark: Content Marketing / Podcast
:white_check_mark: Content Marketing / Blog → … but more writers always good!
:mag: Content Marketing / Someone to own & run a newsletter
:mag: Brand Designer
:mag: Comms Manager
:mag: Researcher → to close gaps in our understanding of users/market and cover everything from persona building, UX research, market intelligence
:mag: Partnership comms → someone working with Growth team to find interesting stories to tell from our partners/users… and proactively creating those stories

Stay tuned & get involved

Exciting to start moving from strategy towards getting stuff done so expect more visible updates from Marketing moving forwards. If there are things you think are missing/wrong, or you’d like to get involved in any of these topics, comments welcomed here or over in Discord.

Hi! My name’s Jia-Jie, I’m a second-year computer science student interested in cryptocurrencies and decentralisation technology.

I just got off a call with nas about contributing to the marketing team and he told me to leave behind some of what I’ve done previously in a message to you. I believe I can help with some of the content you’re aiming to distribute.

Here’s some of what I’ve previously done:
Newsletter: https://dsoc.substack.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jia-jie-chen-003886207/
Discord: Fast#0531 - If you add me on discord I’ll send you my CV, I’m unfamiliar with discussion boards so I’m not sure how to upload it here. Apologies!

Is anyone working on doing a push to get Radicle brand icons into icon libraries? For example, as a React dev I tend to rely on the React Icons library to add social icons to apps (GitHub, Discord, etc.).

Would be happy to help out with this if I can make the time :grimacing: