An Updated Approach to Radworks Marketing

As part of the initiative to rework Radworks’ narrative and the way it communicates with its stakeholders, the Foundation is redefining the marketing objectives and activities that it will be carrying out. The new approach not only targets an audience of developers (the users of Radicle and Drips) but also, importantly, the broader community of current and potential token holders. For more context as to how and why Radworks’ purpose and messaging and being further refined, please see the post linked above.

Therefore, the Marketing Team and its objectives will be defined by @lftherios, who will lead the Team until a new Marketing Lead is hired. The intention is to build a Team of marketing contributors who have the passion to follow what’s happening on a daily basis within Radworks ecosystem projects and the industry.


The Objectives for this Team are:

  1. Increase awareness around the RAD token among potential token holders

  2. Increase awareness about Radworks ecosystem projects

  3. Improve the quality of interactions / engagement between participants within Radworks

While Objectives 1 and 2 are typical marketing and growth objectives, Objective 3 is more oriented towards community development.

To work towards these objectives, the Marketing Team will use Q2 to test a new set of activities:

  • “Learn to Earn” campaigns: Conduct campaigns where we educate certain users around certain developer topics of interest and then have them earn the RAD token.
  • Twitter: Host Twitter Spaces across the Radworks ecosystem.
  • Storytelling: Publish stories in major outlets about Radworks and take this content to Twitter where the Radworks audience is reading.
  • Ambassador program: Work with key opinion leaders to post stories about Radworks and amplify our message.
  • Discord / YT / Tiktok: Record Youtube videos with AMAs with founders and contributors, deep dives into new features from Radworks Orgs, and shorter content for various forms of dissemination.
  • Team Development: Hire a Marketing Lead and a Video Producer.
  • Partner Management: Relationship management with key actors and venues where token holders are active.

The success of these activities will be measured based on the following metrics:

  1. Number of Token Holders over time (tracked via Tally).
  2. Number of Unique Visitors Referred from Radworks initiatives towards Radicle, Drips and RSN. Analytics is already in place.
  3. Number of Unique Active Community Participants over time.

An Active Community Participant in that Radworks community is defined by a person that:

  • contributes meaningful dialogue, comments and questions to the Radworks Discourse forum and Discord server
  • votes on-chain or delegates their RAD tokens
  • writes research, guides, blogs, tweetstorms about Radworks
  • creates art and memes about Radworks


The team for Q2 and beyond is:

@sllyllyd will also provide additional support (especially project planning) where needed. Recruitment for these new roles (Marketing Lead and Video Producer) will begin as soon as possible.


The remaining Marketing budget for 2024 is around 182,000 USD. The revised Marketing budget for Q2 is:

Description Amount
Contributors $81,315
PR Agency $21,000
Online subscriptions $1,000
Partner Campaigns in Q2 (in RAD) $157,500
Total in USD $260,815

This is a significant increase on the projected amounts, and it may be possible that there is an additional proposal to the Radworks Treasury later in the year for an additional budget. The Team intends to review the budget (against the new objectives) at the end of Q2, before they make that decision.

At the end of Q2, the Marketing Team will report on these outlined activities, metrics, and how the outcomes will inform activities, priorities, and budget for Q3 and Q4. The Team will also present the current state of their work at the Q2 Radworks Community Call.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank @sean for his work over the last 16 months, including his leadership of the shift from Radicle DAO to Radworks. We wish him all the best!


Great to see an update on marketing plans! Excited to see how the objectives in Q2 impact engagement. As a few are tied to the tracking of governance participation, please let me know how the Governance Committee can support you folks here.