Sunsetting the Strategy Committee

Back in December, the Strategy Committee was formed as part of the passing of the Foundation Org’s 2024 proposal. The Committee set out to support the development of Radworks’ strategy by incubating community proposals that enable Radworks to fund new, resilient, permissionless technologies, achieve self-sustainability, and steward mission-aligned governance. Its main prerogative was to address the issue of Radworks having a purpose but lacking a strategy.

In the months following the formation of the Committee, Radworks embarked on a strategic narrative transition spearheaded by key stakeholders within the project (see Defining a Strategy for Radworks for the initial discussion). Community sentiment was gathered via Discourse poll to validate this approach.

This was followed by multiple changes regarding Radworks purpose, vision, and approach to strategy formation such as:

In light of recent narrative and structural changes, the Strategy Committee’s original objectives no longer align with the current status of the project. During the process of trying to restructure these objectives, it became clear that these objectives were merging into other efforts, carried out by different initiatives in the ecosystem; therefore, as a result of these shifts, we believe it makes the most sense to sunset the Strategy Committee.

Transitioning Objectives

  1. Define Radworks’ vision. Using its purpose as a North Star, where is Radworks going next?

    The Marketing Team will be experimenting with the language and mechanisms needed to activate and grow participation of current and new Radworks community members. The findings of this work will inform the creation of a developer-driven vision for Radworks, drafted alongside the Founders.

  2. Identify and validate potential sustainability models for Radworks. How should Radworks be setting itself up for the long-term?

    → The RSN Org (see [Formal Review][RGP-25] - Start the Radworks Seed Network (RSN) Org) will experiment with providing seed node services that make hosting and fetching content from Radicle simple & performant for any developer. This Org will research what a path towards value accrual could look like.

  3. Substantially increase token-holder diversity, influence & power distribution, and voter participation within the Radworks community by 2024. We need to take a massive step forward in decentralization to evolve our governance and mature our community.

    → This objective highlights a key question: how do we protect Radworks from a governance attack? The Foundation Org, with legal support, will work on identifying and delivering relevant risk mitigation strategies.

  4. Orient and activate Radworks’ treasury management goals & strategies.

    → Before focusing on how to manage the Radworks Treasury, it is important to take a step back to look at assets throughout the Radworks Ecosystem - where they are and where they should be. The Foundation Org will conduct this analysis alongside its financial experts.

You can direct any open questions regarding the deliverables to the associated Lead designated above.