[Temperature Check] Remove name registration fee

Currently, registering a name costs 10 RAD. Though in itself, the amount is high in $ terms, another issue is that we require all users to buy RAD before registering a name. This means they have to go on Uniswap and exchange some ETH or USDC for RAD, before being able to register a name.

Since name registration is integral to creating an identity on Radicle as well as creating an Org, and is part of the onboarding process, any friction there will slow down growth of the network.

I propose that we set the registration fee to 0, which will no longer require users to hold RAD, and focus on the other areas (eg. Radicle Funding) to drive demand for the token.


In favor of this. Would be interested in tracking how removing the registration fee improves the adoption of ENS names, so maybe we could try to add some tracking into this proposal as it develops.

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You can always add a gasless approach like a Metamask signature. This should also help with tracking. Not sure if that helps.