07/2023 - Governance Committee Update

Apologies for being a day late on this one. :slight_smile:


  • The August Proposal Review which is happening TODAY, August 9th at 17:00 CET / 11:00 ET. The call will focus on the active Drips proposal and the proposal author will be there to present and answer questions. See call details here! The call will be recorded and posted here if you miss it.
  • Radworks - the new name to describe the community governed network supporting Radicle & Drips - finally launched! Along with the new name came a suite of new governance resources which are summarized in this pinned Discord post.

Governance Proposals

  • [Discussion] Fund Radworks Dependencies With Drips: The purpose of this proposal is to allocate funds through the Drips toolkit, to support the critical software dependencies of our DAO. It will be discussed in today’s Proposal Review call and will most likely move to Formal Review on Monday.

Governance Initiatives

  • After workshopping with the Apiary team, we have narrowed down governance goals & initiatives for the 6 months/1 year/2 years. We have come up with a multi-phase plan to tackle these initiatives over the rest of the year and will definitely be needing community input on over time. The main themes we have started to tackle and/or will be tackling over the coming months include:
    • Improve governance resiliency by improving diversity of token holders, votable supply and engagement/participation
    • Improve security & risk assessment against governance attacks & spam
    • Clarify relationship & expectations between Orgs and Radworks community of token holders
    • Establish clarity about treasury management & runway with the community

Team Updates

  • We were in Paris during ETHCC week supporting the Drips team and spreading the word about Radworks to all of our ecosystem partners and friends! These events are always a good reminder that the wheels onn governance topics are always turning and we had some great discussions we hope to continue the rest of the year.
  • After getting the Org proposals passed in April and the Radworks launch over the line in July, we are excited to refocus all of our energy on governance improvement initiatives! There is a lot of work to do and we will be grateful for input and feedback from the Radworks community along the way.