08/2023 - Governance Committee Update


  • The September Proposal Review was cancelled this month as there were no new proposal discussions posted to the forum by the 2nd Monday of the month deadline.
  • It’s Berlin Blockchain Week! Abbey and I will be around all week if you want to hang and chat governance! If you missed us at Funding the Commons on Saturday, you can catch us at Schelling Point Sessions this afternoon, at a P2P Meetup with the Radicle team tonight, and at Protocol Berg on Friday!

Governance Proposals

  • [Submission][RGP-16] Fund Radworks Dependencies With Drips: This proposal PASSED on-chain governance with 4.01M $RAD in support of the proposal. See final results here. The proposal allocated a total of $1 million in equal parts RAD and USDC to fund the critical dependencies of the Radicle, Drips and Grants Orgs.

Governance Initiatives

  • The Governance Committee has started preparing for the 2024 Org proposal season. We have started discussions with the Operations Committee to ensure they will be ready with reporting for Org leads to use to formulate their proposal. We started discussions with the Drips team to discuss the possibility of using Drips to distribute funds to Orgs in 2024 from the treasury. Logistics and risk need to be discussed in more detail, but once clarified expect to see a proposal on the forum in the coming weeks seeking community input.
  • As a part of the initiative to improve security & risk assessment against governance attacks & spam, we are in the process of finalizing a Dune dashboard to help us better track governance token movement and use. We will share the Dune dashboard once finalized.
  • We have started discussions with ecosystem experts to help us start improving Radworks governance resiliency. We imaging this coming in the form of improving diversity of token holders, increasing votable supply, distributing voting power amongst active community members (e.g. via delegation), and improving engagement/participation of existing token holders. We will share more on these initiatives as we tackled them, but if you would like to get involved in any of the topics listed here please leave a comment below or reach out to me on Discord (shelb_ee#9785).

Team Updates

  • As a part of Berlin Blockchain week, Abbey and I will be hosting a session at Schelling Point today on Decentralized Orgs and Governance Design. It will not be recorded, but we will share what was discussed in next month’s update!
  • We have the wheels in motion for all governance initiatives we scoped with Apiary earlier this year (see list in last month’s update). The rest of the year will be heavily focused on preparing for the 2024 Org proposals, but we are excited to dive deeper into these governance improvement initiatives! As you can see from above, is a lot of work to do and there will be a lot of input needed from the community over the coming months. Keep an eye on the forum for new important topics!