09/2023 - Governance Committee Update

Hello community! :wave: Below are some updates and announcements relating to Governance Committee work from this last month.


  • The October Proposal Review is happening TODAY at 5pm CET/11am ET. The proposal authors from the active proposal this month (see below) will be on the call to discuss the proposal and answer questions from the community! Ben from the Scopelift team will also be there to answer questions about the upgrade. See call details here.
  • 2024 Org proposals will be hitting the forum November 2nd to be included in the November governance cycle. The proposals will be put forward in November to ensure that funds can be distributed by January 2024 since we won’t be hosting a December cycle due to the holiday/vacation season. This year, each proposal will also include:
    • A 2023 retrospective on progress & spending
    • MoUs for Radicle & Drips that further define each of their individual relationships with Radworks

Governance Proposals

Governance Initiatives

  • The Governance Committee is still supporting Org leads in preparing for 2024 Org proposals. The Operations Committee is on track to have reporting for Org leads to use to formulate their proposal by the end of October.
  • We had a chat with the Drips team a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of using Drips to distribute funds to Orgs in 2024 from the treasury, but ultimately came to the conclusion that now is not the right time for the DAO or the Drips product given the technical uncertainty around using Drips for this specific use case at this time. We agreed to revisit next year when Drips has explored the market more.
  • We have the wheels in motion for all governance initiatives we scoped with Apiary earlier this year (see list in last month’s update). We will use these initiatives to help draft the 2024 Governance Committee proposal that will be included in the final 2024 Foundation Org proposal. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these initiatives please leave a comment on the Org proposal or drop a note in the #governance channel on Discord.

Team Updates

  • Our session on Decentralized Orgs and Governance Design at Schelling Point during Berlin Blockchain Week was a hit! Abbey and Camille from Apiary went over the evolution of the structure, decentralization and governance needs of Radworks throughout the past few years and shared our learnings and takeaways from this process. The Life & Death of DAOs hosted by other internet was also a very special experience to have been a part of!
  • Abbey and I are planning to be in Istanbul during Devconnect week. If you know of any good governance-related events or want to meet up & chat, please reach out to us on Discord or drop a note below!

Stay rad(works)! - Shelby & Abbey