03/2024 - Governance Committee Update

:speaking_head: Announcements

  • As a result of RGP-24 passing, the Proposal Review calls now take place on the 2nd Monday of each cycle. To make it easier to track for the community, we will also start sharing the monthly Governance Committee Updates on the 2nd Monday of the cycle.
  • As a result of discussions on the What’s an Org? and Defining a Strategy for Radworks forum posts, there have been various updates made to radworks.org and docs.radworks.org. These changes aim to add clarity around what Radworks is, how it is structured and how governance is used.
  • There is currently an open request for feedback on a “Annual Org Proposal Timeline” on the forum. Read more about this initiative below.

:ballot_box: Governance Proposals

Past Proposals

Active in Current Cycle

  • [RGP-25] Start the Radworks Seed Network (RSN) Org: The purpose of this Org would be to provide seed node services that makes hosting and fetching content from Radicle simple & performant for any developer. This includes creating both a centralized and decentralized seed node service, as well as a Tokenomics Working Group to explore how RAD can be used to incentivize the expansion of the Radicle seed node network.

(This proposal is an adapted version of RGP-22, which passed Formal Review in February but was not submitted onchain.)

Upcoming Proposals

  • Governance Contract Upgrade to OZ Governor: The proposal draft is up on the forum for discussion. Before formally submitting the proposal to a governance cycle, we are exploring additional integrations to include in the upgrade, include the Flexible Voting extension mentioned in the proposal.

Upgrading governance contracts is a big deal and requires a lot of careful planning in order to get it right! We want to make sure this upcoming upgrade can provide the maximum benefit to the community by including useful integrations that would unlock power, rather than having to do a series of different upgrades. We will post any updates on the forum!

:seedling: Governance Initiatives

  • After the passing of RGP-24, we made all of the necessary updates to relevant governance documentation and resources. This includes updating the proposal cycle chart to reflect the new deadline for submitting proposals to be included in a cycle (first Monday) (see PR 83), changing “Discussion” to “Request for Comment” phase throughout the Governance Manual (see PR 84, 89 & 90), archiving the Consensus Proposal type/template (see PR 84 & 93), and updated all proposal templates in the proposal library (see PR 91).
  • After the RGP-23 “emergency vote” situation, we have started drafting a potential formal process for how this could be used in the future. We are aiming to have it published on the forum by early next week and would appreciate feedback from the community!
  • As part of a larger effort from the Governance and Operations Committees to improve the annual Org proposal cycles, we have presented a draft “Annual Org Proposal Timeline” to help the community better plan and prepare for annual Org proposal cycles. We are currently asking for feedback on this proposed timeline on the forum!
  • We have been supporting bordumb in his efforts to explore entity creation around the Grants Org and what implementing KYC would look like. This is a result of feedback received during the call discussing the role the Grants Org plays as a funder within Radworks that took place a few weeks ago. We will present updates on this initiative during the upcoming Community Call on Wednesday, April 17th.
  • We have been refining a “Contributor Onboarding Handbook” that would establish a common onboarding resource for all Radworks contributors. The launch of this has been delayed due to the ongoing discussions on the Defining a Strategy for Radworks & What’s an Org? forum posts. We plan to have this finalized by the April 19th.
  • We have been shipping various updates to docs.radworks.org to add clarity and context for the community around ecosystem structure, as well as how governance is used and how to participate in it. We have also been working on new ecosystem diagrams & governance process visualizations that we are excited to share with you by the end of this week!
  • We have been working with the Strategy Committee to identify “decentralization targets” to reach by the end of 2024. The finalization of these objectives are conditional to the ongoing Defining a Strategy for Radworks discussion as well as ongoing research into possible governance contract functionality. We are hoping we will have more clarity by May.

:sparkles: Team Updates

  • We have been busy tying up Q1 objectives and prioritizing objectives for Q2. You can view an updated list of all 2024 Governance Committee objectives here!
  • It’s a bit early, but we definitely plan on being around for Berlin Blockchain Week & ETHBerlin towards the end of May! We are trying to coordinate a mini-offsite in cooperation with the Operations Committee around this time to sync and execute on various shared objectives for 2024.

Stay rad(works)! - Shelby & Abbey