Radworks Financial Reporting for December 2023

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Please see below insights on Monthly Financial Report for December, 2023.

You can view the report here

Highlighted Content and Notes for the Report:

Year-in-Review: all orgs came in under budget for the full year, details below

  • Slide 2 - Ops Committee expenses 77% up MoM due to Foundation council fees
  • Slide 4 - Foundation Org Actuals YTD (Year to Date) at 56% of total budget
  • Slide 6 - Drips Org Actuals YTD at 54% of total budget
  • Slide 8 - Radicle Org Actuals YTD at 50% of total budget

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Why do we spend more on the foundation than we do on Radicle and Drips?

Hey @brandonhaslegs! I will try to provide a sufficient answer, but I am sure @ange or @abbey
can add a little more color.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the technologies that Radworks funds. A large portion of the Foundation Org budget goes towards supporting Radicle and Drips (ops/legal), DAO support (governance, reporting) and general Foundation upkeep.

The Foundation Org houses 3 committees. In 2023, these committees were Operations, Governance and Marketing. If you look on slide 3 of the attached report, you will see a breakdown of the costs from each Committee. A large portion of the Operations and Marketing Committee were dedicated to supporting Radicle and Drips as they got their Orgs off the ground. Marketing for example was primarily servicing the Radicle and Drips Orgs. This budget went towards events, sponsorships, swag, and paying marketing contributors. Going into 2024, a lot of these costs the Orgs will take on themselves. On the Operations front, beyond being responsible for maintenance and compliance of the Foundation within Swiss jurisdiction, they also provided some legal support for both Radicle & Drips throughout the year as they transitioned to creating their own entities.

The Foundation also supports the DAO by doing legal research into governance and strategy possibilities. This includes brokering relationships with third-party β€œDAO service providers,” branding services for Radworks, maintaining the Radworks ecosystem’s IP (including managing trademarks), facilitating discussions around the governance of Radworks with its stakeholders, and tracking the evolving real-world legal risks. These efforts benefit all Orgs and enables the DAO to confidently explore sustainability strategies to support the project and the technologies it supports in long-term.

I hope this helps!