[#radicle_biweekly] 4.5.20

Happy Monday! :seedling:

Here are our latest biweekly updates:


  • @mmassi is continuing to link up his previous entity data work with the existing metadata, as briefly described in Issue #96.

  • @kim is progressing on carrying state in the Peer data (see Issue #92. His work in progress is being drafted in PR #106

  • @fintohaps is exploring the building blocks of code collaboration data with issues being the first use case. His work in progress is being drafted in PR #112



  • We’re working on a new version of radicle.xyz in preparation for our Summer beta release.

  • All features have been shaped except the most exciting one, Revisions I. We had a small product kick off last week and @brandonhaslegs started with some design work

  • Our next Radicle Working Group is scheduled :sparkles:


  • We launched our Experimental testnet for the Radicle Registry ! The goal is to start testing with users to collect feedback on the developer experience.

  • Moving forward we will work on enhancements to telemetry to provide better data on node and consensus health, as well as work on performing ledger upgrades.

That’s it for this week!

Have a great week!

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