Monthly Update [3/24]

With every biweekly Upstream release, the core team will share a development update post on outlining progress on protocol upgrades, feature development & releases, and community updates. We’ve decided to start these updates in an effort to give the community an accessible view into what progress is being made on collaboration experiences.

:hammer_and_wrench: Work in Progress

:memo: Revisions

One of the most asked for features right now is revisions - or the ability to allow contributors to share changesets with maintainers for review and inclusion. @thomas and @merle have been working on revisions for the last couple of weeks and are making progress. This post outlines the current feature design and will be continuously updated with progress and changes :point_down:

:handshake: Orgs

One of the first Ethereum feature on the roadmap is Radicle Orgs. As outlined in our Integrating with Ethereum post, Radicle Orgs allow multiple people to manage a group of projects on Radicle. Technically, they are smart contracts that can be managed by DAOs or multi-sigs. We’ve started working on the Orgs MVP which will integrated with Gnosis Safe. This post outlines the current feature design.

:link: Attestations

Implementing attestations is the first step towards shipping the features of our Ethereum integration. This feature allows users to link their Radicle identities to their Ethereum addresses, giving their peer-to-peer identity a global namespace to improve discoverability. This feature has integrations across the stack and has been discussed thoroughly in this issue :point_down:

:eyes: Next Release

One of the most crucial updates that will be upcoming over the next couple of weeks is a Radicle Link upgrade called Next. In process since before the launch of the beta, this massive PR transitions the network to our Identities spec, improves our APIs, and introduces some key networking upgrades to improve replication. @fintohaps @xla and @kim have been leading the charge

Deep Linking in Upstream

Suggested by the community on multiple occasions, @rudolfs took a stab at building deep linking into Radicle Upstream. This would provide a more “user-friendly” way to share projects on Radicle. This post outlines the discussion around the feature and all progress can be found in this open PR.

From the Community

  • We’ve seen tons of new community members running seed nodes. See List of Public Seeds to discover and share seed node addresses!

  • The Graph just announced they are hosting their governance on Radicle!

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