HTTP links to open in the client

Hello, I just tried installing Radicle and the client works pretty nicely!

I have one feature suggestion. It would be cool to have a button to copy the URL that opens the Radicle client app, similarly to how is opened by Telegram, or in Zoom.

It’d be very convinient to share such links on the internet in general, but my goal is to make a badge in the repo readme with the link to open my project in Radicle. Does it sound like a good idea?

the URL could be something like:<project_id>


Hey @v1rtl! Thanks for the feedback. Love the idea — definitely something that would boost usability. I created an issue and added it to our Feedback Hub to see if we have time to pick it up.

If you’re interested in tackling this in a contribution let us know! We’re happy to support :seedling:

Hey @v1rtl, in the meantime we’ve been working on something along those lines. I won’t work entirely as you have in mind. You can read more about this here: Opening Upstream via links on the web - #6 by kim

thanks for updates

even though custom URL scheme is not what the issue is about, still cool that there’s an easy way to share links

i still can use link shorteners that redirect to another url though…