Matrix room?

Is there a Matrix room to discuss Radicle?

not that I am aware of. we are on freenode on irc #radicle

if you create one, ping us here so we can join.

I created one. I requested a bridge as well so a moderator in your IRC room will need to accept that. I also need a nickname of an IRC moderator to create the bridge.

hey - thanks for creating!! we don’t have IRC ops in the #radicle channel, so we’re thinking of just shifting the whole thing over to Matrix (we’ve been thinking about it for some time).

we’ll set up officially this week and ping here when it’s ready.


Were you able to setup the room?

Working on it! @xla will hopefully have it going by next week

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Did @xla get around to setting it up?

@PopeRigby We are in the process of setting it up, so we will have an update beginning next week. :>


The Matrix room is right?

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Hey @xuhcc - the official address for the matrix room is Have you tried that?

Is it possible to log into that Matrix instance using a identity, or do we have to create a new account? I thought Matrix was supposed to support federation but I don’t know the details so maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

Yes, you can log in with a identity! You should be given the option to on the Element homepage. Lmk if you have problems

Doesn’t work for me. It says:

Sign in to your Matrix account on

If I try using my login, I get:

Incorrect username and/or password.
Please note you are logging into the server, not

Alright, maybe it has to go through an invite link. Can you try this link?


Ahah, yeah that worked - thanks!

I see, the room name is Thank you! is just a frontend, people can use any Matrix client to join the room.


Yeah, it has auto-join if you make an account on, but seems that a direct invite to the room is easier for those coming from other servers.

Direct invite is better 4 sure

I’m also unable to connect to using my own homeserver account. Is that by design? :sweat_smile:

Actually the entire Matrix instance might be down? Matrix Federation Tester

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