Grants Org - Q2 2023 Update

General Announcements & Updates

Our main focus over the past quarter has been two-fold:

1. 3rd Party Integrations

Somewhat organically, we’ve come to the conclusion that there are 3 main components to address within the Radicle ecosystem:

  1. Writing of code
  2. Hosting/management of code
  3. App/website integrations

For #2, we view this as being entirely within the purview of the Core Development (Radicle) team.

For #1 and #3, we view these as the main points for Grants to fund.

For #1, this means integrating with the most popular IDEs (e.g. VSCode, JetBrains).

For #3, this means starting to experiment with integrating with external websites where it makes sense.

2. Governance Research

We’ve provided crucial funding to pay for governance research that informed our RadicleDAO reorg.

IDE Plugins

We’ve worked closely with this team on IDE plugins. This is a tentpole feature to make sure that developers new to Radicle can quickly integrate Radicle into their existing workflows. This is to improve user oboarding.


In Progress


DevNode is web3 based social network for asking and answering questions amongst community members. Think of it as something between Stackoverflow and Reddit. It uses web3-based components like DIDs for user identification, allowing it to integrate with Radicle (e.g. directly link to users’ Radicle repos to signal expertise on a topic).


GitHub Migration

The following tooling is being built to help automate users’ migration of repos from GitHub to Radicle. The main goal here is to improve user onboarding.

In Progress

Governance Research

We worked with Apiary over the two grants below to conduct internal interviews. This informed much of our DAO reorganization.

Quarterly Objectives Updates

Original Org Application: [Formal Review][RGP - 13] - Start the Grants Org

Quarterly Goals


Objective: onboard grantees to more permanent work within the Radicle ecosystem.

Results: Yorgos’s team had made strong headway, with consistent grants on a month-over-month basis, and movement to work more closely with the Heartwood team via a CI project



  • Switch 100% of grants over to Drips
  • Switch 100% of our documents over to Radicle (code collab)


Drip to Dependencies

Objective: allocate 4% (40,000 USDC) of budget to Drips balance + drip to 4 dependencies as outlined here

Results: we are holding off on this until around ETHCC to align with the Drips team, who is making a similar effort.

Community Input for Grants

Objective: integrate with GitCoin Round Manager or some other quadratic vote/funding mechanism to open some % of our budget to community input for grant funding.

Results: still researching GitCoin and others like CharmVerse. Looking to test these out post-ETHCC.

Timeline & Budget Update (include in written update only)

Overall budget: 1,000,000 USDC
Remaining budget (as of July 5, 2023): ~500,000 USDC

We’ve used roughly 50% of our budget over the last year of Grants. Assuming everything remains the same, we estimate we have another 6 months of runway left, at which point we would make a new proposal for additional funds.

In the case that our main grant partner (@yorgos) creates their own org, our spend may by significantly reduced.

Source: Yuval