Governance Feedback Form

This post will act as the home of the Radworks Governance Feedback Form. :seedling::ballot_box: :speaking_head:

This form will be an on-going public form for anyone from the community to leave feedback on the governance process, resources and facilitation of governance. The Governance Committee will use any feedback provided to help improve the Radworks governance experience. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like or what you wish would be different about the governance process, resources and facilitation from the past year.

Everyone is also welcome to share feedback directly on this post! We just also wanted to provide an official form to help make it easier to collect and analyze feedback as well. We will share updates on how we use this feedback throughout the year.

The Governance Committee believes that providing a clear way to share feedback on Radworks’ ever-evolving governance system is very important for a healthy community. The more honest details you can share in the form, the more it will help us improve the process for everyone!

:information_source: Note: We are planning another Governance Improvements Proposal in Q2. It would be great to collect as much feedback as possible before then in order to be able to capture it in the upcoming proposal.