02/2024 - Governance Committee Update

:speaking_head: Announcements

  • The Governance Committee posted a Social Proposal that would introduce some adjustments to the governance cycles, removal of the “Consensus” proposal type, and renaming the “Discussion” phase. See “Active in Current Cycle” section below for details, and please leave feedback on the forum this week!
  • There are two interesting discussions happening on the forum right now that could have implications on governance or Governance Committee initiatives for 2024. We recommend taking a look at both: What’s an Org? and Defining a Strategy for Radworks

:ballot_box: Governance Proposals

Past Proposals

Active in Current Cycle

Upcoming Proposals

  • Governance Contract Upgrade to OZ Governor: The proposal draft is up on the forum for discussion. Due to some concerns voiced in other channels on timing of this upgrade alongside other proposals, we are going to postpone this upgrade another month.
  • Start the Radicle Seed Node Network: The next/updated iteration of this proposal is expected to move through the April proposal cycle.

:seedling: Governance Initiatives

  • The Contributor Survey Summary: Governance Feedback 2023 was finally published end of February! It summarizes and analyzes the feedback from the Governance Feedback Survey that I sent around to Radworks core contributors in December. This feedback has already been an important guide in executing Governance, Ops and Strategy initiatives in 2024. We recommend giving it a read if you have not already!
  • I have created a general version of the Governance Feedback Form to allow for anyone at any time to leave detailed feedback for the Governance Committee. Folks are also always welcome to drop a note on the forum or reach out to us directly for specific feedback or requests!
  • Per the request of proposal authors, Abbey and I have added numerous clarifications to the Governance Manual around the phases of the Radworks governance process and responsibilities and expectations for proposal authors in each of these phases (see PR71, PR81, PR82). We have also added additional templates to help proposal authors prepare to move their proposal through each phase (see snapshot-poll-template, proposal-code-template). These improvements are ongoing and there may be further in the coming weeks.
  • We are working with the Ops Committee to draft an “Onboarding Handbook” to help streamline the onboarding of new contributors and act as a useful reference for existing contributors. It will include wide range of FAQs that include anything from “What is a DAO?” to “Why is it important for me to participate in governance?”, as well as contributor resources and guides provided by the Ops Committee.
  • We are currently trying to source a new team to pick up the Voting Analysis project as the GovAlpha team was unable to complete it. The primary task we need help with is to create an updated graphic showing stakeholder allocations in circulating supply (ideally dynamic) (similar to the one found in this blog post).
  • Based on feedback we have received since the Radworks launch last July, we are currently working shipping various updates to docs.radworks.org to add clarity and context for the community. Some updates may be delayed due to the ongoing discussion in the Defining a Strategy for Radworks discussion on the forum.

:sparkles: Team Updates

  • I had a great time in Denver supporting the Drips team and meeting up with other Governance Geeks! I summarized the takeaways from the Governance Geeks Gathering here.
  • It’s a bit early, but we definitely plan on being around for Berlin Blockchain Week & ETHBerlin towards the end of May! We are trying to coordinate a mini-offsite in cooperation with the Operations Committee around this time to sync and execute on various shared objectives for 2024.

Stay rad! - Shelby & Abbey

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