[Discussion] - Radicle Grants Program Org Proposal

Grants Org Design Proposal


This page outlines the Grants Org design.

The Grants Program has since its inception been a bit of an outlier in that it was never part of the Foundation to begin with; it was the first sub-DAO spun off.

With that said, this page aims to outline a few changes that keep the Grants Program aligned with the rest of the greater Radicle DAO and its developing sub-DAOs.

Note: for more on the larger discussion on the transition to the DAO, please see here.

This page will answer the following questions:

  • Mission: what is the Radicle Grants Program (RGP Org) focused on?
  • Funding/Continuity: how will the RGP Org be funded going forward?
  • Contributors: who makes up the RGP Org and who counts as a “contributor”?
  • Governance/Voting: how are decisions made?

:dart: Mission

The RGP Org’s goal is simple:

To find, fund, and guide research and development of any projects that fall outside the purview of the Core Development Org.

Past projects include things like:

More broadly, the RGP Org is open to funding the following grant categories:

:moneybag: Funding & Continuity

Nothing with funding is changing with the RGP Org’s design. This includes compensation for Committee Members, as outlined in the original Grants Program Proposal in 2021.

If/when funds should run out, a new Org proposal will be made.

Note: ideally, the Grant Committee will put forth a proposal well in advance of funds running out.

In the event that the next proposal is unsuccessful for any reason, the current RGP Org will be considered disbanded and anyone else is welcome to create a new proposal and team.

:busts_in_silhouette: Contributors

Note: this section represents a major change when comparing to the latest approved Grants Program proposal here.

Within the RGP Org, a contributor is anyone who contributes and holds voting power within the Org.

Since the Grants Program’s inception, Committee Members have been the only group with voting power.

However, with the funding and testing of OtterSpace badges, we are adding grantees as voting members.

More on how voting works across these 2 groups below.

:classical_building: Governance/Voting

Note: this section represents a major change when comparing to the latest approved Grants Program proposal here.

Continuing from the last section on Contributors, this section outlines how each badge holding group can vote.

There are 2 types of votes:

  • Governance (OtterSpace): Committee Members + Grantees
  • Grant Work (Gnosis Safe): Committee Members only

For more information - including how to onboard your own DAO to OtterSpace - please see our docs here.


Very exciting @bordumb! I’m really excited to see you evolving the governance of the Org past the default committee model. Really cool stuff :slight_smile:

Excited to see this org come to life!

Question, since there is no “Core Development Org” (CodeCollab & Drips are splitting into two Orgs), does this change the scope of your org’s mission? How are you thinking of “core” development in general?

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Thanks for dropping a comment

I wrote this before I saw the Template for org proposals.

I will delete this page in a few days.

Please refer to this one, which follows the template: