Community & Governance May 2022 Community Update

Hi everyone :wave: Here’s the Community & Governance monthly update for May:

Monthly Update

Here’s what we’ve gotten up to this past month:

  • Started planning EthCC Week activities & EthNYC/NFT.NYC.

    • Paris Contributor Offsite will be during the week of EthCC sometime from July 19th-23rd. I’d advise contributors to book travel from the 18th - 24th! More details to come about reimbursement policies & agenda :partying_face:
    • @abbey @nas along with Luke & Shannon from DevRel will be attending NFT.NYC and EthNYC. Let us know if you’ll be there :wave:
  • Launched the Radicle Contributor Hub that hosts an overview of Radicle contributors, Core Teams, Community Call Notes & Recordings, and important Governance Resources.

    Be sure to fill our your Core Team profile by the end of the week!

  • Coordinated a discussion around Documentation with @joelhans @Kaidao @efstajas @brandonhaslegs :point_right: Documentation & Onboarding Materials

  • Hosting Rad Radio, a Livepeer x Radicle collaboration this evening @ 22:30 CET. Be sure to tune in :partying_face:




Transition to the DAO

Org Design Workstream

  • @louiegrey published Org Design Workstream to kickstart the Org Design workstream
  • Over the last two weeks, @louiegrey @ange @abbey have conducted interviews with almost every Radicle contributor.
  • Next Steps: Org Design Workstream will review interviews and publish a written reflection for Community review & Collaborative Vision-Setting with @thom (post coming soon!)

DAO Tooling Workstream

  • Over the past few weeks we have been hosting demos with different tooling projects to get a good overview of what is out there and what might be the best fit for Radicle. @shelb_ee has been compiling notes from these demos (see here) Please also feel free to recommend any tools not yet covered for a demo over the coming weeks!
  • @shelb_ee is putting final touches on the “Re-evalution of the RadicleDAO stack” Temperature Check. It will focus on how we can improve the governance process and what tools/practices could we use to make it better. It starts by reviewing the current governance process and tools used, pointing out issues that have come up since launching in 2021, brainstorming potential future needs after a full transition to the DAO and what tools could help us solve these issues and meet these needs. The next steps would be for people to respond to the Temperature Check and call out or highlight any of the points mentioned. :v:

Distribution of Ownership Workstream

  • @abbey @lftherios and @ange had a kick-off meeting that is currently being transcribed into a Temperature Check

Distribution of Influence Workstream

That’s all for this month! Excited for a productive month ahead, and more 𝓿𝓲𝓫𝓮𝓼.