01/2024 - Governance Committee Update

:speaking_head: Announcements

  • In case you missed it, we have been making some adjustments to the Radworks Discord in an effort to make it a more inviting and functional space for the community. We have introduced a number of changes to refocus the discussion on development work and governance. You can find the change log for these updates here.

:ballot_box: Governance Proposals

Past Proposals

Active in Current Cycle

  • [RGP-22] Start the Radicle Seed Network Org: This proposal aims to create and fund a new Org whose purpose is to provide seed node services that makes hosting and fetching content from Radicle simple & performant for any developer.

Upcoming Proposals

  • Governance Contract Upgrade to OZ Governor: As Scopelift has confirmed they are done running tests to prepare for the upgrade, we have been working with them to draft the final proposal to execute the governance contract upgrade (see corresponding social proposal). We plan to have this finalized and posted by next week We expect this to move through either the March or April cycle depending on community feedback.

:seedling: Governance Initiatives

  • 2023 Governance Wrapped is live! The post summarizes key governance proposals that were submitted in 2023, highlights improvements to the governance processes, overviews important governance work achieved in the past year, and outlines what we have in store for 2024.
  • I am working on analyzing and summarizing feedback from the Contributor Governance Feedback Survey that I sent around to Radworks core contributors in December. This should be finalized and posted on the forum by next week!
  • I have created a new, more general version of the Governance Feedback Survey to allow for anyone at any time to leave feedback for the Governance Committee. This will live in a forum post at community.radworks.org. The current plan is to post it alongside of the contributor governance feedback summary next week.
  • We have already started working with the Ops Committee to start brainstorming ways to improve the next Org proposal cycle. A lot of contributors left great feedback in the feedback survey regarding this last Org proposal cycle, which has been helpful to guide our thinking. If you have feedback or suggestions for improvement you would like to share, please drop a note on the Governance Feedback Survey post when it comes out, or in the Governance Feedback Survey itself!

:sparkles: Team Updates

  • I will be in Denver attending various events around ETHDenver! :mountain_snow: Please share any cool governance events you hear of and if you want to meet up shoot me a DM on Discord!

Stay rad(works)! - Shelby & Abbey