Workstreams community update - April 2022

Hi everyone,

This is the first official workstreams community update. With the addition of Jason to the team we’ve kicked the work in a higher gear.

Mission statement

We want to start with reiterating the long term mission of the workstreams project.

The long term mission is to allow open source projects to pay contributors for open source work done through the radicle code collaboration stack.

Next high level steps

  1. We’re currently working on a prototype where we allow users to create workstreams and apply for them through a centralised stack. We’ve decided to go down this route for speed of development and to iterate quickly. You can see the latest version of this prototype here: We’re close to finishing this now.
  2. The next step will be to start streaming funds when the application has been accepted. This means integrating the drips protocol. We’ve decided to hold off until Drips v2 is launched on testnet which is supposed to happen in the coming month :slight_smile: Hopefully we can demo the whole flow at the next monthly update.
  3. Once we have the experience in a state we think makes sense we’re going to think on how to move the centralized data layer to a stack where the users own their own data. The goal is for easy integration in different web3 applications and to move away from a hosted centralized data layer.
  4. And finally we want to integrate workstreams into the radicle code collaboration stack with the end goal of tying code contributions to paying out of a workstream. We believe that this, alongside Radicle Drips as a compelling payment model, differentiates workstreams from other web3 payment services

Why workstreams

We are excited about workstreams because we would love to use this tool as a way to structure and pay our radicle grants and eventually also pay the radicle core team when we transition to the DAO. So these will also be our main stakeholders and “first potential users” as we go through this development process.

One more thing…

We’re not yet set on the workstreams name, so any ideas around this would be greatly appreciated.

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