Working with BloomID?

Hey Radicle team, it was suggested by Alexis (in Telegram) that I start a thread here about this topic.

I’ve been looking at what you’re up to in the identity area, and I think Bloom and Radicle are on very similar paths when it comes to actual implementation.

Bloom’s product team is implementing a standards overhaul to our public libraries. All our Verifiable Credentials will soon be using standard JSON-LD signature suites and W3C standard VC structures. We evaluated all available DID methods to power BloomIDs and decided to pursue did:elem, which is an Ethereum Sidetree DID. It feels like Kim was discussing a very similar structure on the thread I linked to recently, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, without going on forever, is there any chance we can discuss working together somehow? I realize now may not be the right time, but I thought starting a dialogue could be helpful.


Hey @dereksilva, thanks for chiming in!

It is quite amazing to see how much traction DIDs (and JSON-LD) is gaining lately — almost seems like identity management is the “killer app” the semantic web community has been looking for for so long :slight_smile:

I do have some questions around how the resolver problem turns out in practice, and I think we could greatly benefit from your experience with on-chain identity management (which, as you might have gathered, is an orthogonal, but equally important concern for our code collab stack).

To kick it off, do you maybe have an alternative link to the Bloom protocol documentation? I keep getting a blank page through

Yes, we do have an alternative link. Everything is available in our GitHub repos:

Since we’re mid-overhaul you may have some questions. Happy to answer those and introduce you to people from our product/engineering team as well.

Thanks for your time!

Bloom should also work.