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Hi @abbey,

Radicle surely is an intriguing project. I’ve got a few questions though:

  1. What’s the problem it’s trying to solve?
    1.1. I imagine that first and foremost it’s lack of trust for git central nodes. Does this problem require a heavy solution involving new protocol? Wouldn’t something simple like signing a commit (and previous state) with a private key bring similar benefits?
  2. Radicle is about to get commercial with full-time contributors and paychecks. What’s the company’s business model to make money and pay for all that?

Hey @igor, thanks for reaching out :seedling:

Some initial answers to your questions:

  1. Radicle is building secure peer-to-peer code collaboration without intermediaries. It was conceived under the belief that reliance on centralized platforms threatens the resilience and health of the open-source software ecosystem. Here’s a document where we’ve outlined a couple of our thoughts on what security risks peer-to-peer code collaboration solves. In our perspective, individual point solutions like commit signing aren’t enough to resolve the greater risk associated with hosting most open source collaboration on centralized platforms.
  1. Radicle will always exist as a free and open source project. We’re exploring and researching new means of open source sustainability. You can read more about our approach here!