Upstream October 2021 Community Update

This is the Upstream team’s monthly update for October.

New mid-term goal: code collaboration

After working on Ethereum related features we’re shifting our goal for the next six months to dogfooding code collaboration: The first meaningful milestone is for team members to make contribution through Upstream.

Replication reliability

Before we can work on improvements and features regarding code collaboration we need to make code replication more reliable. Reliability of replication has gotten worse.

  • Test replication more thoroughly to discover more issues, especially edge cases
  • Take a more active role in fixing replication issues. When necessary, using hacks and quick fixes to get better results.
  • Run our own seed node (and potential seed node code).

Link architecture migration takes a back seat

Radicle link is migrating to a new application architecture. The new architecture should improve some of the replication issues but it will take some time until these changes can be fully deployed. We believe that fixing the current (then to be old) system will yield quicker results.

Rethinking project presentation

While feature development is blocked by replication reliability we’re improving the design and preparing it for better code collaboration. The profile screen has already been updated and the project screen will see some love.

Things that got done

  • We’ve extracted the Upstream design system. It’s not a separate package yet but it should now be possible for other people to reuse the design system in Svelte apps.
  • We’re moving away from Buildkite to Github Actions. The link team will not use Buildkite anymore and it does not make sense to maintain it ourselves.
  • Org explore screen got added.
  • Search modal got polished.
  • We introduced user identity hover-cards.

See our October Cycle Plan for more.

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