Upstream June 2022 Community update

Uncertain future for Upstream

Upstream is facing and uncertain future since it role and purpose within Radicle are re-evaluated.

Upstream’s purpose was always a to be a tool for peer-to-peer code collaboration. Recently, we started doubling down on this. We focused on the core collaboration experiences like code contributions (patches) and code review and dropped the integration with Ethereum for code and project management. At the same time, the rad CLI and have been expanding their functionality and are now serving the same purpose. This made it necessary to look at the relation between those applications.

The Upstream team has been discussing this situation with the foundation over the last couple of weeks. At this point, it looks like we will have to re-evalute Upstream’s role as a core code collaboration application. What this means for Upstream as a brand and a platform and what this means for the team behind Upstream is still being discussed at this point.

We are having a few more meetings over the next couple of days and will update once we’ve settled on a path forward.

As always, any input on this topic is appreciated.