Upstream July 2022 Community update

Upstream is being sunsetted

Last month the Upstream team had a couple of meetings with the Radicle Foundation to determine whether it makes sense to continue developing Upstream. The argument against continuing was that there’s been good progress on the web app and CLI tooling and that they already cover most of the functionality that was present in Upstream. Furthermore users don’t have to download an app to discover projects using, making the barrier of entry much lower than Upstream’s.

Therefore we decided to sunset the Upstream desktop client and use the freed-up resources to help other projects in the Radicle ecosystem.

What does this mean for existing users?

Since Upstream and the CLI tooling are using the same underlying protocol, any projects you may have already published, will still be accessible via the CLI tooling and be discoverable via

We will release a final Upstream version that shows a deprecation notification upon startup which links to this post. We’ll also add a deprecation notice in the of the codebase and archive the GitHub mirror.



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This is really sad radicle upstream was really nice, I prefer it’s color scheme to the web client and it’s nice to have desktop client. But I understand why it’s being sunsetted and think that makes sense


Thanks for the feedback, we’re actively working on improving the look of the web app now!

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