Update on community.radworks.org data

In anticipation of the Radicle Beta release, we are transitioning Radicle to the Radicle Foundation. That being said, we will have the community.radworks.org Discourse hosted by the Radicle Foundation going forward, which will be reflected in our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Should you have any issues with this, please let us (ange@radicle.foundation) know within the next 7 days so we can remove your data from the forum.


Hi there,

I know that this is maybe a bit out-of-topic, but I got an invitation to join you on Matrix. It appear that there is no room, though. I am using element.io, and the results for “Radicle” also show “no result”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey Marian!

Sorry about that - can you try this link? Either sign in with your account or create one on our homeserver (community.radworks.org).