Timeline for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD)

I discovered Radicle this weekly researching open-source Git services!

Is there a timeline the team has shared for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD)? Or is this a longer-term product target?

  • I’m a SafeDAO Guardian for the Safe ecosystem (Formerly Gnosis Safe) and I’m exploring how we can collaborate and publish open-source information.
  • My long-term vision is to automate git commits to deploy to a decentralized hosting service like Arweave or IPFS.

Much appreciated!


Hi Adam!

I’m trying to understand your question a bit better. Are you looking for tips on how to integrate a Radicle git repository with an existing CI/CD system? Or are you asking how Radicle uses a CI/CD system in their development? Something else?

To give an example from my own experience:
I use Radicle to backup my GitHub repositories. I’ve got a guide here. For CI/CD I use Jenkins, which integrates with GitHub webhooks.

I haven’t done it yet, but I intend to leverage the GitHub webhooks to sync the GitHub and Radicle repositories on each new version release.

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Thank you for the thoughtful response!

  • I’m considering using Radicle as a replacement for GitHub entirely.
  • I’m looking to understand if it is technically possible to use CI/CD tools with Radicle to deploy specified files to a decentralized hosting service like Arweave/IPFS? Or if CI/CD integrations are on the product roadmap for Radicle if not currently available?

Here is the ideal integrations flow for decentralized hosting of content guides created by a community:

  • DAO collaborates on content in a Markdown based app, e.g. HackMD, Notion, Gitbook, Skiff, and etc.
  • Commits from the app are pushed to a Radicle feature branch.
  • The feature branch is merged to a release branch.
  • The release branch auto deploys the changes to Arweave/IPFS for updating the publicly available content.

From what I understand brainstorming this concept on Discord is that given a webhook to connect Radicle to an existing CI/CD tool I could trigger the said deploys to an Arweave/IPFS.