Support for Github Project Boards

As a community contributor and manager I’d love to see Radicle support Github’s function of project boards. We use these to manage community contributions both technical and non-technical and reference the project boards with the repos. We also use this as a way for community to suggest bounties and would of course like to incentivise members who contribute in this way as well (ie would be a great feature in Radicle :seedling:)


We’re developing Radicle in such a way that features like this can be created by the community and opted in to by users. It’s likely that if an individual or team is interested in developing such a feature in the near future, it will get funded by the DAO.


Like extensibility and plugins? Deployed right through Radicle Link, perhaps? (Radicle being a distro for its own extensions)

That’s right. Radicle Link is a replication protocol and doesn’t care what data is being replicated, as long as it can be represented as git objects. Thus, project-board data could be stored inside the repo and replicated with the project. Then you would need a client that can display and interact with that data, and handle conflicts when they arise.


So, would issue-tracking be handled in this way? So that upstream (or another client) merely recognizes what objects constitute issues and everything associated with them (comments) in a particular way and then displays them based on an interpreter of some kind? (like an interpreter which could possibly also be defined as a git object, perhaps?)