[Submission][RGP-16] Fund Radworks Dependencies with Drips

The on-chain proposal is now live for voting. To vote, head to the proposal on Tally.

Voting ends at on 1st of September 2023 at 23:11 CET . For help with delegation and voting, please refer to the governance docs .


  1. For determining the equivalent of $500k in RAD, we used the RAD to USD conversion based on yesterday’s (29th of August 2023) closing price. See Radworks USD Historical Data | CoinGecko
  2. As this is not a simple “transfer tokens” style of proposal, @igor extensively tested the code of the proposal on a main-net fork and the behaviour was as intended. See links below.
  3. The final Drip List controlled by Radworks is here https://www.drips.network/app/drip-lists/50330452048867519181028275890986093327647919805766323166158196453514

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:rocket:Proposal Submission Results :rocket:

:sparkles: [RGP - 16] - Fund Radworks Dependencies with Drips: This proposal has PASSED :white_check_mark: with 4M $RAD in support of the proposal. It will be queued and executed in the coming days. See final results here: Boardroom

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