Solution to improve Dao governance process

1. Motivation:

I believe Radworks is very serious about the its Governance Process and involving community in making key decisions

I’m a co-founder of Syncvote. I believe our tool can add tangible value to the implementation of Radworks’s governance process without any changes to the current setup. The goal is to let admins and members focus on making decisions instead of getting lost in tech stuff.

2. Problem Now:

I see 3 existing problems in implementing Radworks governance process:

  1. The proposer must remember all the technical details of the governance process to avoid making mistakes.

  2. The proposer has to bounce around different platforms, such as Discord, Forum,… for each step of the process.

  3. Any solution that could potentially consolidate everything into one platform for consistency and ease of navigation would require the DAO to abandon its current setup and adopt a new one.

3.How We Solve It:

Syncvote provides a chrome extension. It works as a unified front-end for any DAO member that wants to make a proposal to Radworks. It acts like a central hub, no more bouncing between different platforms. Members can kick off and handle proposals, watch progress, and move through stages – all in one interface.

Why Syncvote will fit nicely into the current Radworks practice:

  1. Non-invasive, there isn’t any new platform to familiarize with, just open the extension and click “start new proposal” to start.

  2. The extension works with all the platforms DAO has been using, so you don’t need to make any changes to your current setup.

  3. It’s free, our goal is to eventually put every DAO to operate completely on-chain, so until Radworks decides to write data on-chain; it won’t cost you anything.

My co-founder’s created this video to illustrate how the plugin works for a DAO: Syncvote Demo

4. Next Steps to Implement:

To implement this transformative solution for Radworks we propose the following steps:

  1. After the proposal has been passed, I will convert the Governance Process into a format compatible with Syncvote. An administrator/coreteam member can help me to follow-up and also check its accuracy.

  2. After that, Radworks will start announcing to community members on forum, announcement channels on discord and twitter… that they can start using Syncvote extension to make new proposals from then on.

In conclusion, I see this as a straightforward implementation that helps to smooth governance experience for Radworks community members. I would be grateful if Radworks adopts Syncvote.

Thank you for reading my post. I would like to have your feedback on this topic.

The post sounds a bit copy pasta but tbh sounds kinda cool. I’d worry about the security of using a chrome extension to do this stuff maybe? And for sure wanna see what the extension looks like.

Hey @como ! Thanks for post. My name is Shelby and I am the Governance Facilitator for the Radworks community. A few comments & questions for you below:

We try to make the governance process as clear as possible in the Governance Manual, but the idea of an front-end to make each step even clearer for proposal authors is an nice idea.

Re Setup:

  • Radworks governance contracts currently are based on Compound Governor Alpha contracts, but we are in the process of upgrading to Open Zeppelin Governor . In the demo, it sounded like we had to enter parameters from these contracts manually. Is Syncvote able to read/interact with the governance contracts directly? Or what does that connection look like?

  • How do admin rights work on Syncvote? In other words, how do you choose/limit who is able to setup/make changes to the Syncvote workflows?

  • Is there currently only a Chrome extension? Why was Chrome chosen? Is there a plan to expand to other extension in the future?

Re Features:

  • Are you able to respond to proposal drafts on Discourse over Syncvote? Or does that still have to be done on Discourse?
  • Did I see it correctly in the demo that you can pre-save templates for proposals? That would be really helpful - we currently have a separate template library for different proposals.
  • Is the status view of the proposal in the extension only visible to the proposal authors (i.e. those who create the proposal)? Or are other members also able to see the steps/status of proposals somewhere that the proposal authors see in the extension?