Seed nodes doesn't replicate my projects

I launch my seed node, I create an client account, I create some projects and push them to remotes.
Everything is fine except trouble that cause not to replicate my projects to nodes.
I’ve been watching for node logs (two different nodes) and find that nodes doesn’t get information about my repos.
When node started it says: new remote connection [my peer ID], I’m connected and I can see my ID on node’ UI as well.
Let’s wait some time and node starts to replicate projects of peers (discovered new rad urns etc), but there’s no messages with my peer ID or my URNs.
What I have to do?

p.s. nodes deployed on ubuntu, client on mac big sur 11.2 (installed as .DMG from your site)

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Have you added your seed address to your settings in the client?

Yes. I’m connected to node and I can see that in web-UI.

I also talk with you earlier in matrix about that trouble :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a similar issue with my imported project. Is there any update on this?

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