"Salaries Science" grant application

Before the grant application remark: I put timelines of milestones with (somehow big) reserves, for the case if something will prevent my work to be accomplished fast. After all it is more important to do the work completely than do it fast. Is it OK? Or do you suggest to edit times?

Radworks Grant Application

  • Project Name: Salaries Science
  • Team Name: World Science DAO
  • Payment Address: 0x36A0356d43EE4168ED24EFA1CAe3198708667ac0
  • Category: Radicle Adoption

Project Overview :page_facing_up:


Gitcoin killer: Gitcoin-like project for both science and software. Special features to support basic science and software components to be priority-financed.

A grants system similar to Gitcoin, but with the following features:

  • allocating a part of donation to dependencies
  • mandatory affiliate program, to ensure that no scientific discovery goes unmarketed (it is especially important, because a scientific project can be published, so preventing publication or re-discoveries, but go unmarketed, this way blocking development of science)
  • rewarding first-comer affiliates, in order not only to start small but encompass broad adoption

The project is planned to be implemented on DFINITY Internet Computer, thanks to its super-low gas fees. Dependencies for software (like crates.io) and for science (Semantic Scholar) are projected to be managed by third-party servers in a decentralized way.

This project is unrelated to other projects of Radicle, but its purpose is somehow similar to Drip project. However, my project is focused on a different purpose than only rewarding contributions, but intends to save science for mis-publication catastrophe.

Case study: Ordered semicategory actions (OSA) were discovered by me in 2019. Upon reading my work it becomes obvious that most of future science should build upon this discovery. But publication of OSA wasnโ€™t successful and I after a sequence of steps came to the situation that I cannot publish my discovery neither in full (500 pages), nor by parts. So, the entire science development is stalled, until OSA will be published. I see no way to publish OSA through traditional publishers, so we need this project to support scientific marketing: I shown that even one scientific discovery without funds for publication may severely block the entire science. Apparently, other similar cases may exists, so we see that science is in deep crisis.

The radical solution of this problem is to replace the entire system of peer review by quadratic funding.

So, this project is intended for:

  • provide good โ€œsalariesโ€ to scientists and free software authors (especially for software components and basic science,
    through allocation of a part of donations to dependencies)
  • unstuck science by paid scientific marketing instead of traditional peer review

Importance to unstuck science from mis-publications happened in the centralized world is immense. Even one mis-published scientific project (such as OSA) may push down the entire science and therefore world economy. It is also important to establish an effective way to reward unknown to the world software components authors.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Victor Porton


Legal Structure

  • Registered Address:
  • Registered Legal Entity:

Teamโ€™s experience

I have an extensive experience with DFINITY Internet Computer programming: I created the MVP (and advanced the work further) of Zon, an elaborate social network on the same platform DFINITY Internet Computer: https://docs.zoncirlce.com

I also have extensive exprience with TypeScript, the language that I am going to use.

I also created XML Boiler: GitHub - vporton/xml-boiler: Automatically transform between XML namespaces in a clever way: https://vporton.github.io/xml-boiler-docs/ - the most advanced software for XML processing.

I developed math related to OSA (more than 500 pages).

Team Code Repos

Team LinkedIn Profiles (if available)

Project Description :page_facing_up:

The detailed description of the algorithm.

I am applying for this grant, because I want to save science from mis-publication (including but not limited to proper marketing of OSA).

I am applying for this grant, also because I also want to receive a substantial amount of money for personal purposes.

Deliverables :nut_and_bolt:

  • Total Estimated Duration: 410 days
  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): 242
  • Total Costs: 47000 USD

Milestone 1

  • Estimated Duration: 30 days
  • FTE: 15
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Onchain data structure Data structures and associated APIs for all on-chain storage described in the algorithm

Milestone 2

  • Estimated Duration: 10
  • FTE: 7
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Storing GitHub JSON API for reading the JSON file (see the article) from GitHub and storing it on-chain

Milestone 3

  • Estimated Duration: 60
  • FTE: 40
  • Costs: 6000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. general dependencies API public API for storing on-chain dependencies

Milestone 4

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 10
  • Costs: 2000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Gitcoin passport Querying and storing Gitcoin passport scores for an address

Milestone 5

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 10
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Creating rounds backend Backend for creating matching rounds
2. Creating rounds frontend Frontend for creating matching rounds

Milestone 6

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 10
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Pledging matchers Accept matchers pledging matching funds
2. Pledging servers Accept servers pledging gas tokens

Milestone 7

  • Estimated Duration: 90
  • FTE: 60
  • Costs: 6000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Accept donations backend Accepting funds from a donor, writing basic donation info, also writing affiliate
2. Accept donations frontend Accepting funds from a donor, support for affiliates
3. Write dependencies Query dependencies, store them in the DB

Milestone 8

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 10
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Matching calculation Calculate the entire amounts paid to each user

Milestone 9

  • Estimated Duration: 30
  • FTE: 15
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Consensus Removal of erring servers by votes of other servers

Milestone 10

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 10
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Voting for user accounts Voting for each user account (or no account)

Milestone 11

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 10
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Voting for passport scores Voting for userโ€™s Gitcoin passport scores

Milestone 12

  • Estimated Duration: 20
  • FTE: 15
  • Costs: 3000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Rewarding servers Calculate and pay to server accounts

Milestone 13

  • Estimated Duration: 50
  • FTE: 30
  • Costs: 6000 USD
Number Deliverable Specification
1. Server reference implementation Calculate and pay to server accounts
- Semantic Scholar dependencies
- `crates.io`` dependencies

Future Plans

In the short term (after the release), I am going to press-release my project and gain some supporters.

In the long term, I am going to displace Gitcoin and Drip replacing them by my project.

The project will be sustainable because it will gather money, among other projects for itself.

We will need further grants for improving design, SEO, and other marketing.

Additional Information :heavy_plus_sign:

How did you hear about the Grants Program? personal recommendation at Discord

Work I have already done:

  • written the algorithm (in English). I also started to write Motoko code, but it is very preliminary. (I am also going to replace Motoko by TypeScript.)
  • created NacDB, a database useful for this project.
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Thanks a bunch for this application.

The idea of fixing problems around scientific research and publishing sounds very interesting โ€” and I know itโ€™s a problematic space.

Unfortunately we do not have budget to support such a grant at the moment. As you will see in our latest Org Proposal for 2024, our budget has been specifically allocated to fund work that builds integrations and/or new features on top of our existing protocols (Drips, Radicle).