Retroactive Grant Application - Radicle Raycast Extension

Radicle Grant Application

  • Project Name: Radicle Raycast Extension
  • Team Name: @sebastinez
  • Payment Address: 0xAAEc02f0ae71b5E268711971bBF8c8c7a472391a
  • Amount: 1360 USDC

Project Overview :page_facing_up:


I wrote a simple Raycast extension for Radicle, that MacOS users that want to interact with their local Radicle storage.

Project Details

Raycast is a productivity tool for MacOS users similar to (Alfred, et al.) that allows users to quickly launch applications or automate repetitive things with a quick shortcut.
The Radicle extension for Raycast allows users for now to connect through the radicle-httpd to their Radicle storage and:

  • List all the projects
  • Filter them by name
  • Copy important information on each project
  • Open projects in their browser on (or what the user set as preference)

Here a small screen capture on the latest release.

Possible Roadmap

There short term improvements on the extension I will add:

  • List patches and issues
  • Show details of a single patch or issue

Iā€™m also thinking about edit/write functionality but have to flesh that out first.


The extension has been approved by the Raycast team and has been published on the Raycast store


Can be found here:


Awesome stuff @sebastinez

Great to see us building out things we want internally to make it available externally!

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